Completed Java, 100% on 29 april 2024. Then sadly on 3rd May 2024 , it showed only 95% completed

I completed the Java course on Codecademy on April 29th and the platform confirmed that I had achieved 100% completion. I even took a screenshot as proof because I needed it for the Visa Technology Traineeship Program. However, when I checked my profile again on May 3rd, 2024, it showed that my course completion had dropped to 95%. Despite this, I still have the course completion badge in my achievements section, but only I can view it. I need the completion status to be consistent with what’s shown in my profile link. Why did this happen?


Even though the snippet suggests that completion percentages shouldn’t be impacted, it appears that the updates did have an impact. It isn’t unusual though, since changes by Codecademy to courses via new exercises or articles do sometimes change the completion rate/progress.

If you are a subscriber, you may want to reach out to Hep Center/Support to seek advice about your specific situation.

EDIT: My course progress also fell to 95%. All that was needed for 100% was to go to the last module (Two-Dimensional Arrays), click on the newly added “Next Steps” informational and then click “Next”. That bumped the progress back to 100% (I am not a subscriber). If you are a subscriber, then you may need to complete any newly added exercises/projects since subscribers do have access to projects.