Completed HTML&CSS: Part 1... What next?

Recently i have finished Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1 course. Then i have decided to make a search about what codecademy members suggest for the next course. I read article. Then i found this topic and read OP’s and other members opinions. Then according to members opinions especially according to member @825orion’s, i thought perhaps i shall begin the JavaScript course. As member @825orion suggested that i choosed JavaScript instead of Learn JavaScript. And i started JavaScript course. But later i had to do different things and closed the computer. After a little time, i came back. Now when i am clicking “Learn” button, the website suggest me Learn Responsive Design course. I want to ask about which course i shall begin first? Learn Responsive Design or JavaScript or another course?
Thank you.

Congratulations on getting started with HTML & CSS!

You’re on the path to becoming a front-end developer. For that you really must master all the front-end tools available to you.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (possibly SASS / LESS as well)
  • Responsive (Bootstrap framework could be interesting to take a look at as well)
  • JavaScript (jQuery library, possibly React library and –should you wanna go that path– a JS framework (such as Angular for example, but there are many frameworks to choose from)

These are the tools you must learn. If you feel confident with HTML / CSS, I’d compliment that with Responsive first. Once you can design responsive web pages, then find out how to animate them with JavaScript.

Best of luck

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Welcome to front end development. The responsive design course is a good place to go after HTML and CSS. Following this, figure out how to give your pages some action with JavaScript. Good luck.

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Thank you @ghostlovescore and @825orion for your suggestions. So i will follow you and delay the JavaScript course.
Have nice days.

It seems i need to learn SASS and LESS. Shall i learn the SASS and LESS courses before the Learn Responsive Design course?

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SASS and LESS should be tried after Responsive Design.

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Ok, thank you again.

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Not at all no, I learned Responsive before knowing what these things were.

SASS / LESS will simply enhance your CSS code. It will allow to DRY (don’t repeat yourself) among other things that you’ll find out about.

This said, it’s not mandatory either. Just better to get to know it, broaden your expertise, and then choose if you wish to use it or not. Pure CSS also works.

So, go for Responsive!

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Oh, i see. So i guess i learned the basic concept of CSS. I shall keep on learning and improving my knowledge level.
Thank you again.

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Given that JavaScript is such a key component of web development I would move onto that next, before doing anything else. Other languages reference it and libraries like JQuerry build on JS. So in my mind JS would be the logical next step after CSS.

I thought too to begin the JavaScript course. However, when i was studying on Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1 I thought that these lessons seems like basic concepts. With this basic concepts, i tried to design a simple web page, fortunately i did it. But also i faced some problems in displaying elements on the page as i wish. Yesterday i posted this problem in a topic in another section. So i decided to learn thoroughly. And today, in the afternoon, i have started the Learn Responsive Design course after listened some suggestions. I thought that, for me, there’s no need to rush to pass the JavaScript course although i’m curious about JavaScript course. Anyway, good luck to you too.