Completed HTML/CSS Part 1 Now What?

I remember seeing a guy post on this same line of thought maybe a couple of weeks ago but for the life of me I cannot find it so I will post a similar topic now. Basically, I am at a cross roads in my development of HTML/CSS. I had not really considered learning HTML/CSS until a recent project discussion at work occurred. With the possibility of creating a website occurring, I turned to Codecademy to learn some website design for practical purposes. Well, that has fallen through at least for now, but I actually have become quite fond of HTML/CSS but really don’t know what to do from here. I have a lot of questions so I pray y’all will bare with me as I try to figure this stuff out xD So here are a few questions I have now on what to do next:

1.) HTML/CSS Part 1 is now 100% completed for me. However, I never touched the old HTML/CSS. Should I go back and do the old HTML/CSS Course?

2.) If I do go back and learn the old HTML/CSS course is there any changes that I need to know over the different “versions” of HTML/CSS. Having done some research on this I know there have been changes but I am still somewhat in the dark on this.

3.) What are some practical ways (hands on type stuff like projects) that I can look to use my HTML/CSS knowledge so I can work on it and not “lose it”? Preferably, without Pro Codecademy since well I am too cheap right now to get it xD Obviously I guess I could just build a website but their is a lot more too it than just building it I know haha

4.) Should I look into Javascript corresponding with HTML/CSS? I remember reading about how you can use both in a website but that sounds like it takes experience I don’t have. I have completed most of the Javascript course here (90%) so I know Javascript but I have not looked into that relationship much at all.

5.) Is HTML/CSS really just for websites or is there other practical purposes for it?

6.) Can I expect Part 2 to HTML/CSS anytime soon? xD I know I would love to expand my horizons on HTML/CSS here since I am really active here. However, I realize that I might have to try other coding websites or work more on my own to expand my knowledge.

7.) Should I look into courses like Build an Interactive Website to either correspond or build apon my HTML/CSS knowledge?

I also realize that some of this stuff is probably easily googleable yes new word! However, I think I am not the only one who finishes HTML/CSS Part 1 and wonders what to do next so I hope this becomes a resource for others to view and use as well. Thanks! :smiley:

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From what I’ve seen, the older HTML/CSS course is a little bit more in depth than the one you finished, however, much of it will be redundant for you, and ultimately, shall we say, a waste of time.

Instead, now that you’ve begun getting into web development, I recommend learning JavaScript. JavaScript essentially works with HTML and CSS, and allows webpages to not only have information, but function. Codecademy offers two JavaScript courses, either of which will teach you sufficiently to begin learning JQuery, PHP, and wherever else you choose to go.

But for now, try learning JavaScript. Codecademy’s lesson can be found here.

I wish you luck with JavaScript!

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Ok well I guess I should be more clear about that so I will edit that. I have actually 90% of the Javascript course here complete so that is not what I am looking for. Yes, I have not looked into HTML/CSS and Javascript relationship extensively but I do know Javascript and plan on finishing the Javascript course soon actually.

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Then, in that case, I’d recommend JQuery, which is a good extension of JavaScript that reaches into the styling a little bit more.


Personally, as you may have read, HTML is completely uninteresting to me at the moment. I bash it a lot.
I know you’ve already done some/all I’m not sure how much JavaScript so I guess I’ll answer some of your questions and maybe provide random information that you didn’t ask for, as is my best quality.

You’re asking about hands on work and projects to use your HTML and CSS knowledge in. Obviously, I can’t list any specific examples, but I would just try coming up with a specific things you would like to do that are very simple and research how to do them via youtube of stackoverflow. This may not be helpful lol, but learning other scripting languages may help you put the HTML into proportion.

Okay well I know you haven’t done the Learn JavaScript course, but the last chapter in it is called JavaScript and the DOM which is using JS and HTML at the same time. I’m not suggesting taking that entire course just to get to the end if you A don’t have the time or B don’t want to do redundant things. Other languages I recommend, if you like JS, are JQuery, (it’s GREAT for incorporating front-end user interface stuff with JavaScript, because JS is actually a front-end and back-end language or so I’ve heard.) [quote=“bibleman13, post:1, topic:67724”]
5.) Is HTML/CSS really just for websites or is there other practical purposes for it?

I don’t have an answer for this but it’s my favorite question because this is exactly how I feel about it lol.

I’ve heard that Build an Interactive Website is a really beginner course, but I’m not sure. I would say yes though, just because the course is sunsetting sometime in the future so I would take it if I were you.

I guess I really just suggest looking into JQuery and SQL and Angular JS, stuff like that. I know SQL has nothing to really do with it, but I feel like the more languages you learn, the more you see how they work with one another. When taking python or JS, you can be like “oh this is really easy because I’m just building simple things”, but in real life these languages work with other one’s to generate massive interactive websites, computers, and other huge things. Programming is really overwhelming sometimes, and codecademy does a good job of breaking it down to seem simple, but I also know that this website is really to stimulate people and help individuals discover whether or not they have the aptitude for programming or not. If computer science is something you want to do for an actual career, you really have to dig deeper, so even though this can be hard, sometimes stone cold research is the best thing you can do. You need to have questions to look up, and you also need to have a goal or project that you have in mind so you’re not just aimlessly collecting information that overwhelms you. Personally, I’m taking an AP Computer Science class in school, (which you know), which has really put everything into perspective and helped me to piece things together more. I obviously realize that not everybody has this opportunity, so what I suggest is looking to other websites for research as well as coding experience. The best way to gain experience is by actually making something, which is SO hard, but you have to have an idea first.
Another cool thing to do is ask somebody who has more experience than you to kind of collab with you and teach you things that you didn’t know. The reason this can be helpful is because you can see somebody else’s processes, and they can piece things together for you so you’re not overwhelmed and confused not knowing what your next step is.
Again, I’m going to say that I have absolutely no experience in HTML, but I do know that using programming in a practical sense is really hard. I wouldn’t have responded if I didn’t know you either lol.
But I know you are somebody who really loves helping people and you love to learn, so I think you really should do the best you can to get as much knowledge from here as you can, and then extend your scope to other resources.
Anyways, this is really long, and probably extremely unhelpful, but I hope that you at least get some inspiration out of it.
You’ve got this! :))))
edit: I tried to find typos, and goodness gracious there were so many I’m sorry


Well thank you @kyleaw that is a type of post I am looking for xD Yeah, I remember your “love” of HTML/CSS xD But yeah this is useful to what I am trying to figure out. The reality of my situation is that really, outside of Codecademy, I have zero experience with coding and programming. Sure, I have fiddled with it outside of Codecademy but nothing really worth it or productive. I know the basics but really lack that “real world experience”. This is the reason basically why I ask because I really don’t know lol and don’t have many people around to guide me or such. I will be taking Computer classes in College for sure so I will defiantly gain experience through those and it will really push me to learn coding deeper. However, until then I will defiantly look into JQuery Angular JS etc and do some more research and looking and learning xD

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Glad I could help, I’m afraid my answer is somewhat vague, but researching beyond your safe zone is what’s hard and helps make you better.[quote=“bibleman13, post:6, topic:67724”]
I will be taking Computer classes in College

tbh that’s awesome and that’s what I want to do as well. :)))

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