Completed HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS....What after that?

Hi, Everyone
I’m just completed all courses related to web development and also completed some projects.
So what’s the next step I can do
Advice me please!
#Need Help
#Need Advice

Hello @sawankhanchi. You could do the individual courses on these topics (reactJS and JS, mainly). If you wanted, you could learn some backend (i.e. nodeJS, etc), or if you wanted to learn another language, you could do some PHP, for the backend. Maybe you could do some SQL to learn how to manipulate data within databases, which might be useful if you’re interested in full-stack or backend. You could also go to another website, like Udemy, Udacity, etc, if you wanted more courses on JS, or you take more of the courses on CC.
I hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for suggested.
Well, I"ll inform you that I already completed reactJS and JS
Actually, now I would like to do job as a front end developer.
but I’m little bit confused…how, where I can apply and what I can prepare for interview???

The codecademy courses aren’t enough to make you job ready.

What helps is to make a portfolio, build something with react to show your skill. A simple message board for example? Where anyone can leave a message.

Getting a job is not easy, and also very region/country specific. See if you can find companies in your area, and apply for an internship.

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Okay Thank you!
Now I’ll start to contribute in open source reactJS projects in order to fix issue in exiting projects. After that I will think about to apply for internship. :slightly_smiling_face: