Completed course (Python) not grayed out in Catalog

On the Catalog page, a completed Course has a gray icon and 100% listed. However, I noticed that the Python course I completed still has a dark blue (#204056) color and “Estimated 13 Hours.” Do you know why this is occurring?

Did you complete each and every one of the exercises on the Python Course? :slight_smile:

Hi bandit,

Thanks for getting back to me.

  • When I go to the course, everything is 100% except for the PRO features.
  • My profile screen suggests I did.
  • However, my dashboard screen only lists Javascript.

This is quite an unusual problem that I haven’t had before. Try contacting a moderator or even better an admin but I’ll also notify one of them. :slight_smile:

Hey @myidealab, like @bandit I haven’t seen anything like this before either, but at least it isn’t interfering with your learning! Perhaps log it as an issue through our help ticketing system?

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I’m having this same exact problem with ‘Learn the Command Line’, which I actually went through twice. I shows and says it’s completed buy it’s not grey and on the screen that shows completed courses on the left it’s not listed, though all the others are.

Very strange.