Completed course not showing on profile

So, a few days ago I completed my second course: Introduction to HTML. On my My Courses page, it appears correctly with 100% and the coloured shapes, just like the Learn Ruby course I finished a month or two back. When I look at my profile, however, it says I’ve only got 1 completed course, namely the Ruby one.
Anyone have any ideas what’s going on and what I can do about it?

Okay, I’ve now also 100%'d the Learn CSS course, and yet my public profile is still claiming I’ve only completed the Ruby one. Could a moderator maybe move this to bug report? Has anyone else completed a course recently? Are they showing up for you or not?

The same is happening in my profile. Did you get any solution?

Sadly no answer yet, no. From looking around though, I wonder if it’s because there are paid-only exercises in the courses that don’t show up on my profile, but the Ruby track is entirely free?

I’m having the same problem with the Python course that I completed a couple of days ago…