Completed course not showing on profile

So, a few days ago I completed my second course: Introduction to HTML. On my My Courses page, it appears correctly with 100% and the coloured shapes, just like the Learn Ruby course I finished a month or two back. When I look at my profile, however, it says I’ve only got 1 completed course, namely the Ruby one.
Anyone have any ideas what’s going on and what I can do about it?


Okay, I’ve now also 100%'d the Learn CSS course, and yet my public profile is still claiming I’ve only completed the Ruby one. Could a moderator maybe move this to bug report? Has anyone else completed a course recently? Are they showing up for you or not?

The same is happening in my profile. Did you get any solution?

Sadly no answer yet, no. From looking around though, I wonder if it’s because there are paid-only exercises in the courses that don’t show up on my profile, but the Ruby track is entirely free?

I’m having the same problem with the Python course that I completed a couple of days ago…

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I have Codecademy Pro and I’m having the same issue, so I don’t think it’s related to that. Although I’m not having issues with individual courses, but rather the Skill Paths not showing as complete on my profile. Did you ever get a resolution on this? I may open a ticket and see if it can be resolved.

Hey everyone, I’m escalating to our support team now :slight_smile:


Update: the CS team needs everyone still experiencing this issue to visit the help center and create a ticket. This is because they they thought it was resolved, but since you’re still running into the issue, they will need to identify the patterns for another, more broad fix.

Thank you all!

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Sorry to bump an old post but I’m having this issue too. Just completed the HTML course but it’s not appearing in my profile.

Do you know if this ticket was ever raised or if not how does one create it? Just create a new post?

Ooof, sorry this is issue is lingering, @munroe4985. @mattliv is this a known issue?

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Hi @munroe4985! So I think this is a certificate issue that has been ongoing for a bit of time now. We are working out a solution and have made some progress and it should be resolved soon. For now, I’ve just gone ahead and added the certificate to your profile and you should be able to access and download it now by clicking your avatar logo and pressing my profile. If this continues to happen send us a ticket HERE with “Contact us”


Great, thanks @mattliv and @alyssavigil

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@mattliv Hello, I have the same issue for the Learn Python 3 course!

Hi @java3851907914 anytime this type of issue occurs it’s best to send us a ticket through the help center just as you did last time. That way we’ll see it quickly and myself or one of the other members on the support team will be able to assist!

Hi there! Looks like I’m having the same issue with the Computer Science Career Path (100% finished, but no certificate and it keeps me looping through one module).
Submitted a ticket. Hope it’ll be resolved soon.

Had this same isue for 2 courses. Completed C++ a few months ago and just completed Java today. Both completed courses not showing on my profile. This is so frustrating.

Submit a ticket and they should be able to resolve it

I am having this exact problem

Certificates can take up to 48 hours to appear. If the certificate has not appeared after that time period, you can contact Codecademy Customer Support here (click “Contact Us”).

I have Codecademy Pro, and I finished the HTML course some time ago, and just tried to find my cert again. I am having no luck.