Completed course marked as "In Progress..."

This is a very minor matter, but if anyone has any idea of what’s going on I’d appreciate having it resolved.

I’ve completed the “Learn HTML” course, but it still reads as “In Progress…” on my catalog. There’s a “Complete” button available to me on the main page of the course, which takes me to the final page of a lesson I completed earlier, and when I hit “next” to complete the lesson, it asks me if I want to complete a challenge project (the HTML Cheat Sheet project, which I’ve already completed). If I say “maybe later,” it takes me to a “You just finished Learn HTML” celebration page, but hitting the “view your certificate” button just brings me to my profile page, where “Learn HTML” is missing from my list of completed courses. Visiting the catalog, I see the course persists as “In Progress…”, allowing me to repeat the same steps.

Hm. Have you checked to make sure that you’ve finished all of the projects and quizzes, etc? Also, I think it could take up to 72 hours for the certificate to come through.

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Thanks for your reply.

I have completed them, but when I view my syllabus the first lesson in “Elements and Structure,” “Introduction to HTML,” there is not a yellow checkmark next to it - it has the purple book icon instead. Clicking on the lesson brings me to part 16/16, and hitting “next” brings me to the same “You just finished Learn HTML” page, but with the same results - the course continues to be marked as “In Progress…” and the lesson continues to show the purple book icon instead of the yellow checkmark icon.

Every other lesson or quiz is marked with a yellow checkmark, and the progress bar reads “100%”.

Perhaps that first lesson contains one exercise that was somehow not marked as completed. You could go through it and look for anything where the exercises themselves aren’t marked as checked. Sometimes this happens for some reason.

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Per your suggestion, I just browsed through all of the exercises in the lesson - but all of the steps are marked with green checkmarks for all exercises.

Could you post a screenshot of the syllabus showing this lesson being incomplete?

Screenshot (130)|690x388

This has happened to me as well (a few times).

What I do is go back through that one unchecked lesson (article) but then once that’s completed, it takes me to the next one, which is now unchecked (even though completed), etc etc.
it’s an annoying… bug(?)

It’s such a weird/annoying issue. Often it’s something that I’ve completed awhile ago, but if I go back to it, even if the code is there and I run it and move onto the next lesson, the [next] lesson shows as not completed (even though the code is there).
It’s annoying for sure. :thinking:

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@coleaniblett, are all of the Instructions checked off for each Exercise of the Lesson?


@baker-jr-john They are, they all have green checks.

Hmm. I wonder if @catower has heard of this one? And if not, Chris, would it help if we wrote up a bug with the info from this thread?

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I noticed a similar thing happened to me recently. I couldn’t get a course I took to show I completed it. I had a lesson I couldn’t get to show as done, even though everything was checked off, and I had moved on from there. I eventually ended up randomly going through the course and eventually accessed my certificate—no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell.

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Hey team, I got an explanation from out support team that I want to share:

From my understanding, there is still some weird logic for courses that are also located within Paths. For example, if a user is working on the Web Dev Path, they also complete Learn HTML as all of that content is also in the Web Dev Path. However, they never actually enrolled in Learn HTML, so they do not get a certificate for it. However, if they go to their course catalog, they see it is complete. I think that maybe what is happening here.

While not ideal, this might help explain and help someone who needs it in the future. Ideally, we address this holistically. The product manager overseeing certificates is now aware of the issue. :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into this!