Completed all sections but only saying I'm 98% complete


I've completed every lesson for all jQuery sections but it says I have one left even though I've completed it.

I click complete to finish the "last remaining lesson" that doesn't actually exist because I've done everything and it takes me to 5. The dblclick() Event. I've tried reseting the code and finishing the lesson again. It even says I'm already done with it but I'm still at 98% of all jQuery somehow.


Find your way back to the course overview.

Scroll down to a section that is not marked as 100% complete and find the chapter that is not marked complete. For example, I know I completed "Unit 1: Introduction to JQuery" but it is telling me it is 92% complete so I have to go back in that section and find the chapter that didn't save properly and hit 'submit' again.


I had already tried that but I went for it again and it didn't work...


There is something wrong with your code in one of the chapters but the system still gave you the green light. I just finished the JQuery course today and it was giving me the same thing. It gave me the green code on all of my excercises.

My code was wrong on the accordion() excercise. The HTML part needed correcting. Once I corrected it I was able to get the completion to 100%.