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I spent a few days on this project, I have the hardest time with grid and flexbox!

Any advice and/or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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a good start! i see you list JS as a skill, are there any functional components on your site or are you working towards that? grid and flex can be tricky, but something i didn’t realize at first is that they can work together depending on the complexity of your layout. it’s not a one or the other situation.

i like to draw my layout on paper and see where my wrappers (divs, sections, articles, ul, li, etc) are and that helps me determine the behavior of all the stuff inside those sections (parent-child relationship). ex: if you declare flex properties on a div selector, then only its first child will inherit those things in CSS unless you tell it otherwise.

personally i prefer grid, bc sometimes flexbox does some weird things that you have to override. i like to play this game to practice my CSS or watch youtube videos on CSS flex or grid so i can see their full potential

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I was having a hard time thinking of a way to incorporate JS into this project… I’m also still trying to wrap my head around JS (word problems were never my specialty in school and it seems like that sort of thinking would be a significant help in understanding).