Complete list of Codecadmy Challenge Projects?


I’ve been working my way through the Learn Python 3 course. Along the way I’ve been given suggestions for projects under “Apply”, such as Censor Dispensor, Pokemon Master and others.

I’ve mostly skipped these, but now I’d like to go back and use them to practice more. Is there a page on codecademy where I can find them again?

I wasn’t able to find them again one the site.



Welcome to the forums!

Codecademy recently released a new section on the homepage called “Toolkit”, which takes the place of the old section where the projects were. The projects are now going to be dispersed into the course syllabi, but you can also access them all from this link if you would rather do it that way.

Happy coding!


Thanks @el_cocodrilo, that was exactly what I was looking for!

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I was just about to post a thread asking where all the projects went! I couldn’t find them anywhere. Thanks. It should be changed back to the way it was so it is easy to find them again.

What happened to the projects sidebar? It used to be there and I could see all possible projects but now its replaced by toolkit and I can’t see anything? Is it because i have an existing project?