Complete Ignoramus Looking for Advice (on Ethical Hacking) :D

Hey, everyone!

So, actually, I’m not a complete ignoramus. Just like 97% ignoramus. I can stumble around in HTML and CSS a little bit, and I can write and use like 5 basic SQL queries. And I’m supposed to know some basic PHP, although I really don’t.

But I’m loving the world of coding, and (not so) secretly, I would love to do something like white-hat hacking. Can somebody get me pointed in the right direction? At this point, I don’t even know what I need to know! :laughing:


Long long road ahead of you, but if you’re motivated, have a look here:


with a great many challenges, mostly technical but some of them ethical, and some of them bordering on illegal in many countries. Be sure you get trustworthy and reliable guidance or you could find the Security Service at your door and your devices confiscated.

Thanks! I know my dad has used Udemy for some coding stuff (but I don’t know what).

I’ll definitely look into it.

Hahaha, thank you very much for that! One of those cases where “Easier to ask forgiveness than permission” might not apply, eh?

I’ll definitely be very careful to make sure I know what is and isn’t OK before I do anything for real.

Thanks again!

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Definitely. When it comes to leveling accusations of hacking you are guilty until proven innocent and it can affect everything from travel to college entrance to employment. One’s life can spiral out of control once we cross the wrong line.

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Thank you very much for that advice. I’ll make certain to be careful.

BTW, I just wanted to let you know that having conversed with you on the forums before and read a lot of your replies to other people, I really appreciate how well-thought-out, straightforward, and polite you are. You give really good advice and you never make the novice feel dumb just for not knowing something. Thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome! Glad to hear you feel that way.

So I just talked to my dad about this, and he’s saying that one barrier I’m up against is that I really don’t know much about computers themselves. I admit I do groan inwardly whenever somebody starts talking about Linux vs Windows vs OS X… Not because I’m bored but because it’s so far above my level.

Can you give me any tips on figuring that out?