Complete & fully functional Fotomatic Project Solution!

Hey guys!

I am taking the Front-end engineering career path in Codecademy and I just came across the Fotomat project. I am done with the project and would like to have your feedback. Please check out the live version ( of my project or if you are stuck in this project and need help with the code, please visit my GitHub ( and check out the different project files (HTML and CSS) as I have added a lot of comments to help understand how I am manipulating the code to render a similar website as the solution presented by Codecademy. Hope this helps.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Well done and thanks for the links. :smiley:
I am currently enrolled in the same path.
Did you notice that in the Specs the whole “Join the waiting list” subscribe section disappeared in TABLET and MOBILE and a new “Join us” button was added in the header? This is actually not provided in their solution and I was missing that point.