Compilers and the terminal

Hello everyone I did not know where to put this topic, so I decided to put it here, so far I am learning c++ through the codeacademy website. I have ran into a question that I hope someone can answer. I am getting very used to compiling and running my code, the g++ temperature.cpp(whatever the file may be called) plus the ./a.out to run the actual code is soemthing that has become natural to me. So my question is, I know that I can just use the terminal or command line on windows to run these commands, but… is there any c++ compilers that I can download where the code and terminal are side by side like it is on the website?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mega5514893025,

It sounds like you’re looking for a code edtior or interactive development environment of some form rather than a different compiler. There’s a lot of them out there with various pros and cons so it’s worth hunting down some online guidance on which one to use but an the end of the day it’s a personal opinion kind of thing. There are a few discussions on the forums about them too but if you have the time it’s worth testing a few and finding what you like. It takes time to adjust one to your preferences and learn all the keyboard shortcuts and such but it’s likely to be worth it.

Try Visual Studio Code! There’s a c++ extension for download.