Compiler question

So, for some reason I tried running the given program in an ide and I realize it didn’t work. I played with it a little and realized that the brackets were missing from the print statement. So, is this a feature of codecademy for future purposes during the course? This is on lesson 3 of “call and response” I believe

If the standard language support in the LE is Python 3, then parens are mandatory. It does not conflict with Python 2 print statements so the idea going forward would be to adopt the practice of parens on print functions.

The SCT is typically less robust than the language syntax, and sometimes,

print ('with whitespace')

will be allowed, but other times,

print('without whitespace')

is all that will pass muster.

Style Guide

The first example above would end up in my style guide. It lets the function name stand out. Typos are easy to spot.