Compile error - Ravenous Part 2

Step 1 Ravenous Part 2 Compile error

hi there,
I have a terminal error in step 2 of Ravenous Part 2 project. The project will not compile in the terminal at npm start and gives an error referring to integration with my code editor, Atom.

When I completed Ravenous Part 1 (Create Project & Components - Building Front-end Applications with React) everything was working well . When I watched the video at the end the developer in the video has his terminal display integrated into his code editor as a connected panel. I am using Atom as my editor so I downloaded and installed a plugin called Atom-Terminal to try and get the same working environment. It didn’t seem to work, so I moved on with the web development path because I had finished the Part 1 project anyway and the project itself was working in the browser and the terminal, even if I couldn’t get the terminal to display as part of the Atom environment.
Today I returned to the same files to start Ravenous Part 2 and at Step 1 after entering npm start into the terminal the project failed to compile and the local host 3000 browser returned the same error. The error is attached here…
error in terminal.pdf (87.3 KB)
Here is a copy of the terminal error…

Failed to compile.

  Line 14:  Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression  no-unused-expressions

Search for the keywords to learn more about each error.
Could not open SearchBar.js in the editor.
The editor process exited with an error: spawn atom ENOENT.
To set up the editor integration, add something like REACT_EDITOR=atom to the .env.local file in your project folder and restart the development server. Learn more:

I have uninstalled the plugin and still the terminal gives the error.
I have checked the code at line 14 and it seems ok.
It seems the (now uninstalled) Atom plugin is preventing to the project from opening in the terminal with the error referring to the Atom editor integration with Terminal. Is this a possibility?

Is there any way I can get my project to compile again so I can start Ravenous 2?


My SearchBar.js code is below containing line 14…

import React from 'react';
import './SearchBar.css';

const sortByOptions = {
  'Best Match':'best_match',
  'Highest Rated':'rating',
  'Most Reviewed':'review_count'

class SearchBar extends React.Component{
    return Object.keys(sortByOptions).map(sortByOption => {
      let sortByOptionValue = sortByOptions[sortByOption];
      <li key={sortByOptionValue}>{sortByOption}</li>
      <div className="SearchBar">
      <div className="SearchBar-sort-options">
  <div className="SearchBar-fields">
    <input placeholder="Search Businesses" />
    <input placeholder="Where?" />
  <div className="SearchBar-submit">
    <a href="">"Let's Go"</a>


export default SearchBar;

I have solved this issue myself…
I was trying to put the issue somewhere other than an error in my code, and of course that was where the problem was.
Once I sorted the errors in my code the terminal is compiling things again, and I have started using Visual Studio Code as my editor with a built in terminal which works well.
Cannot seem to locate the “solved” icon for this post…