any body got an idea on how to get past this part in Java script?

This is the code that was already in the section :

// Here is an example of using the greater than (>) operator.
console.log(15 > 4); // 15 > 4 evaluates to true, so true is printed.

// Fill in with >, <, === so that the following print out true:
console.log("Xiao Hui".length 122);
console.log("Goody Donaldson".length 8);
console.log(8*2 16);


All you have to do is put a <, >, or === sign between the two comparisons to make them return true.

For example, with console.log("Xiao Hui".length 122);, what could go between "Xiao Hui".length and 122 to make it true? Is the length of this string less than, greater than, or equal to 122?


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