Comparison Operators 2


I'm on caparison operators 2 and for some reason it tells me I didn't log Howwwlll to console. This was the question: Write an if/else statement that checks if the moon is full. If the moonPhase is 'full', log 'Howwwwlll!!'
This is the code I typed: var moonPhase = 'full';
if (moonPhse === 'full')console.log('howwwlll!!'); Any Ideas?


You misspelled moonPhase here, and you need to think about where to place curly brackets (you're missing them)


All right I did that and now it says I didn't log howwll to the console. What did I do wrong?
This is my code: var moonPhase = 'full';

if (moonPhase === full) { console.log('Howwwwl!');
else {console.log('I swear I am not a werewolf ...');

Any ideas on this?


Put quotes around full. You're comparing to a text value, not a variable.