Comparing windows cmds to the following Linux cmds

  1. nano
  2. source
  3. alias
  4. pwd
  5. export

  1. cmd doesn't have a command line text-editor. You can type: notepad filename.txt, this willopen the file in notepad.
  3. not sure there is one.
  4. echo %cd% (source)(source2). Source2 also provides the set command. This allows you to create aliases, but they cease to exist the moment you exit cmd.
  5. seem set is the equivalent of export (source). So aliases don't exist in cmd

Either way, cmd is not so powerful. windows does have a decent shell (powershell), i heard good things about it, but by the time i did i was already addicted to bash


Is Codecademy ever adding a course with the other format?


For cmd? I don't think so. I wouldn't say CMD is crap, but it isn't much good either.


True, but for beginners like me the command line is the only way we know to deploy a website, but as this site is developing that shouldn't be top priority (It really needs a skill/lesson reset button if you forgot or broke it). Thanks for the help.


But the command line your learned is probably bash, it doesn't "just" work for CMD. They are totally different things, it is like talking german to a Japanese person, it simple doesn't work.

As for web deployment, there are some good topics here


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