Comparator expressions: ==, != etc


Can anyone explain the values of the following comparators: ==, !=, >, >=, <, <=

Thanks in advance!


Comparator operators evaluates to either True or False



This is already explained in the course but I will put it together for you:

Found in Control Flow in Ruby: 6. Equal or Not?
- Equal to: ==
- Not equal to: !=

Found in 7. Control Flow in Ruby: Less Than or Greater Than
- Less than: <
- Less than or equal to: <=
- Greater than: >
- Greater than or equal to: >=

for more information about the values see Tutorialspoint under Ruby Comparison Operators


Thanks a lot!

I accidentally skipped the first 6 lessons.. my fault


No problem.

Shit happens.


It's ok. No problem with that. You work with comparator operators to understand them well