Company Home Page - The Blind Tiger Brewing Co

This is my solution for the Company Home Page with Flexbox project. It took me some time and I got a bit lost but I manage to have things looking as I wanted.

Here is the link to GitHub:

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi, I love the layout of your Company Home Page and the color palette. Great job building responsiveness into your website! My suggestions for improvement are just some small tweaks:

  1. On your GitHub page I noticed that you have one repository for all your Codecademy projects. I’d suggest creating separate repositories for each project otherwise when others want to download a zip file to view your project they have to download the zip containing the files for all your projects in that repository. Unless I’m missing something and there’s another way to do it but this might just be a matter of convenience and personal preference.

  2. It looks like there’s a small typo in the “about us” section where it says “whe” instead of “we.”

Overall, I think your website is pretty awesome and now I want a beer! :yum: :yum:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I kinda like the setup of having all my projects in one repo, otherwise I feel like there’s too much going on my GitHub. Also, it is easier for me to track my progress across all Codecademy projects and have some sort of “timeline” of what I did first and what is the latest project.

Glad you liked the website. :slight_smile:

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