Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Thank you for your feedback. jessescheinbart17574

I changed the logo. Hope this one is better.

Please feel free to contribute to my projects if you want. I don’t mind.

Hi, this is my project for a website of a fictional photography company.

the code is here:

page here:

Let me know what you think.

Hi everyone,

Here´s my project for an imaginary Flexbox Company :

Flexbox Web


Github repository

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here is my site - I have a media query to change the header and h2 text across the main image - yet only the header code works. I’m not sure why, I’ve had a play in devtools and im at a loss… The site does work though!

flexbox page

looking at others, I probably should change my meet the team, to a few picsa of individuals, as that looks better.

nice and clean , have you thought about changing the pink shade in the footer for a bit darker one?
anyway very clean design and good media collection!

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Hi Sharah, would you recommend any color?
Thanks for your comment.

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Hi Rompi,
the “team” section has a dark background-color, might be good. also if you want to stick to your palette you can try darker shade of the pink might look less popping but more readable.
These are just suggestions, i’m still learning anyway, hope i was helpful!

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Hi Sarah, I will consider your proposal to see how it looks.
thank you for your feedback.

Hello all,

Here is my project on Web responsive design. It is a website of a fictional coffee house.

Here is the Github pages link of the site: Golden Brew Coffee House

If you have a chance to review it and give any additional feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Looks great. I like the fixed background areas. I’m still figuring that out.

Practiced with different sizes using @media to make it work with mobile for this project. Work in progress.

Here is the site: App 2 Life
Here is the code: GitHub - SFin12/flex-box-business-site: Codecademy project practicing creating a fictitious business


This is my work for this project:




It is a working progress… but here is my url to my own company Home page challenge.
If anyone has opinions how to improve it, I would be most aprecciate :smiley: thanks in advance

hey, it looks so good, but the footer has some text that needs to be readable more.
maybe give the background image some opacity.

Hey everyone, this is my company homepage project.

github repository: GitHub - ambahjones/company-homepage: codecademy mock business page

github pages: Adventures of the Mind

I spent a lot of time making the site responsive to push myself and see if I could do it. Any feedback would be great!