Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hey Guys!
Heres my effort :smile:
Let me know what you think!


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Here is my version of company profile page,
pretty basic at this stage but going to improve in coming days

Hi, great site. I’m from Rumney in Cardiff and have a pup - so the website definitely appeals to me. It looks very professional.

The only thing I spotted was there might be a point around 800px width where it cuts the start off your Dog Walks box. (also professional is spelt with an a at the end, rather than an e).

This is my company homepage effort. I found the responsiveness tricky but I think I got there in the end.

The repo is here GitHub - JennySeal/GlampTastic: A Codecademy challenge to create a responsive website for a fictional company

If you have any feedback I’d appreciate it.


please see the link to my company home page project done!

Home page: Enzo's Floral Expressions
Please feel free to comment…

Hi everyone,

I completed the flexbox task with a page for a construction company. You can have a look at how I’ve done it here:

Feedback is always welcome. Good luck with coding.



I love your blinking builder, your slanted underlines and your drop-down menu. It’s a very professional looking site. Well done.

Well, here’s mine! I based it on a website I actually have live (created on template driven site),

I struggled (and am still struggling with making the header dynamic/flexible. It’s not flexing the way I would like and the divs overlap - any advice or help would be appreciated!

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Thank you :slight_smile: It’s actually something I’m going to use for a real firm home page

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Hey thanks for taking a look, and I’m addressing the issues.
Good to see somone else local here too!

Nice website.
Only critique i could give is that maybe the contrast with the blue text on dark blue background may affect colourblind people. (only because i have just been reading about accessibility on codecademy). But you can look at how it looks through a colourblind filter if you google it.
But site looks great and very festivally too!

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Hi everyone.

Here is my business site: My Company

I’m quite proud of it :blush: It’s simple but it has quite a few advanced concepts, particularly:

  • Flexbox
  • Grid
  • Fully responsive (both nav bar and body)

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Thank you very much - yes, I just did that accessibility section too and was testing it using the filters. I agree, I don’t think I would choose those colours now. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Here is one I made: CHOMP'D

had great fun designing this

Hi! This is my work on this project - a website of a fictional company:

Portfolio photos are different size and they are blurred. I used flex and a bit media queries.