Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hi everyone! Here’s my project:
Code: GitHub - a-lebel/PhotographyStudio
Live Page: Photography Studio

I would really appreciate any comment, suggestion, anything! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello coders,

my home page project looks like below:

and here is the link to the code:

I will be grateful for your comments and and improvement ideas.
Best regards

Here is my attempt at the Company Home Page Challenge Project!

GitHub repository with my code: GitHub - Jegouar/Green-homepage: A straightforward home page for a local business using flexbox to create the layout.
Link to the page:

Hey coderz,

I reworked a defunct therapist’s-website. The original was pretty ghoulish (you can check it out here)

Here’s a the reworked site:
Here’s the repo:

The code is pretty ugly. :poop:

Thanks to all for their contributions.

Made a home page using improved information from Chat GPT

I present to you… Eco Tech!

Wanna see the code? use chrome dev tools :eyes:

At this point we all should be able to use it… right?

Hi, This is my first effort on Home page Challenge project - Service apartment.
I found it is very difficult for me. I was struggling positioning picture and background. And the picture position still looks funny (they are not center to the page) but I cannot figure out.

the code: GitHub - summerlazy/SummerApartment
the web page: Summer Service Apartment

please let me know what you think.


Here is my project: Foundation Coffee Roasters.
This is my reflection on the Foundation Coffee Roasters - Freshly Roasted Coffee from Ukraine website.

I’ll be grateful for your feedback. Thank you!

Hey everyone, here is my project, I found a bit challenging. Please have a look and if there are any improvements you suggest, I would love to hear them. Thank you :slight_smile:

Wow!! This is a really cool website, it’s well-structured. Easy to navigate.

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This is a very nice website, creative and well-detailed. Thank you for sharing it

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Hi Everyone, Here is my page, I hope you like it, I found some trouble with the background not showing, don’t know why, I think it is because the images are only inside my PC, how can I fix that? Also, I couldn’t make the footer nicer, all feedback is welcome! Home Page Flexbox