Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Here is my project. Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be adjusted. Thank you! <3


Hey everyone, here is my project!

Live site:
Github: GitHub - jenniferlewmunoz/maraca

Always feel free to reach out & connect :smiley:

Hey all! Just completed the challenge project, took a bit longer than I’d like but I am pleased with the overall outcome. Stock assets used to complete the project. Used chat gpt only for the smooth scroll script as I am yet to learn JS :slight_smile:

I think I have done well with responsiveness to different sized screens.

One issue I ran into was with the Contact Us section, where the heading would shift on about-to-top hover. Any suggestions?

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I am VERY happy to share my finished product with you all :slight_smile: it took me a few days to complete and I am extremely satisfied with the results! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Live site URL: Pulse Designs - Home
GitHub Repo: GitHub - rbrickmn/pulse-designs-site


Looks fantastic, well done! The only thing I noticed was the “contact us” section and email submission fields don’t quite display correctly on smaller devices (I used an iPhone 15 sim to view, as well as chrome dev tools) but apart from that, fantastic!

Hello World!

This is my attempt at this company home page challenge project.

I tried to make it my own by building a landing page for my own audio services, so hopefully this will be first step in making the website live at some point.

Website Preview: Dream Away Studios

Code: GitHub - SunsetSurrender/Dream-Away-Studios

Happy Coding and thank you for any comments you may have, or just for checking it out!


hi friends,
this is my first attempt at the company home page project, i’ll post a link to the page, and a link to the repository. i feel like i make quite a code mess when doing these projects on my own, so i would love some feedback on how how i could optimize my code, and or get better in general in. thanks for checking out!

repository link: GitHub - nelsonolle/no-worries: Codecademy responseive company homepage project
page link: No Worries

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I did a blended finctional take for the site that I build. I took an idea I had for a fun site a few years ago and got it to a mostly finished form. I’m sure I could do more overall and I may go back and add more at a later date.

The gist of this is a blending of two different companies that are both called TVA. I wanted to base it off the offical company’s website and add in elements from the fictional company. There’s a lot of unused images in the files because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use and what to leave out. It’s on the silly site, I feel like I learned a lot working on it.

Source Files
Live Site.

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Hi guys!!!
This is my project, in this challange i’m used variables in css, google fonts, flexbox and responsive texts.
The site is about the ham and the handmade cutting, i hope you like it and your feedback.

Live Site
Git Hub Repository

Thanks and Happy Coding!!!

Here is my Fictional Company Project.

Live version: SUMI
GitHub: GitHub - khan-sumaiya/ My 3rd coding practice project. The goal of this project was to build a fictional company's homepage. The aim was to use flexbox to design and build the page layout and making the web design responsive to different screen-sizes.

I will greatly appreciate your comments and feedbacks!


i was working on the project Company Home Page with flexbox. In this project i had to create a responsive layout, taking inspiration from the following site provided by Codeacademy VC Enterprise Portfolio. What do you think? cSuggestions and advices on how to improve are welcome. are there good practices that i should use to structure the code in a more optimal way? what do you think about the responsivness? is it ok?

Here is my flexbox project:
Home page

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This is my fictional companies website for this course. I knew a little java script prior to this course so I added a menu button for navigation on mobile devices.

link: Modern Designers
code:GitHub - ConflictedGingr/

Take a look let me know what you think and if there is anything in the code i could change.


Great use of responsive design. Should there be images for the ‘Meet the team’ section? Because they’re not showing

Finished project site

Link to my finished project. Any and all feedback welcome

Hi @matthew_morrison_aus!

Don’t see the hover problem you’re describing happening on my end. Thought I’d let you know. And was wondering if you are familiar with the scroll-behavior: smooth; property in CSS. Just target your <html> element and voilà :slight_smile:

Pretty descend support nowadays!


Added a readme to the repo for anyone interested :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking! I had implemented a fix in the end for the behaviours I was describing! :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t even know about that so thank you!

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Hi everyone! Just finished my project!

Here’s the link for a hosted website

Here’s a project code in GitHub repository

Also, you can find my previous projects’ solutions there! Would love to get an honest review and check your projects.

Thanks a lot, have a good day <3

Hello, good job.
I’ve been taking a look at your work when you click on the elements of the nav, the h2 is covered with that nav.
Add a margin or a padding to position it better and not obscure the view of the h2