Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Sup fellas!

I know I missed a couple flexible things, to be honest, I just want to move on to javascript lol.

Here is the website : Website


Hello this is my take for the company home page project please feel free to comment on my project.

Here is my company home page challenge using flex box. I made up a fiction diving org. I think it went ok? The only thing I want to add but need to look up more is the @media queries. The site doesn’t look good when shrunk for mobile.

Hello guys! :wave:t2: I finished this project as well with flex box and responsive design. It’s a page for learning languages fake company. I’m open for feedbacks :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are my links:
:green_circle: Live: LingoLeap Home Page
And GitHub: GitHub - Marylag/company-home-page

Just Finished mine!

For some reason I have a difficult time with images. i copied the url from dropbox but the length of the name is super long and anytime i tried shortening it, it wouldn’t let the image show up. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

The code: GitHub - heatherinasuitcase/MoonlightReadings: Challenge Project: Company Home Page with Flexbox
The website can be seen here: Tea Cozy


Here is the link of my business project. It’s a page description for a Compas Musical group.

Here is my new landing page - for some reason I have had issues understanding Flexbox so had to complete this exercise a number of times for it to sink in.

Link to Repo:
Link to live site:

Ha! I was thinking the same. I started on the backend course and noticed that the backend and frontend courses have a lot of the same lessons/projects (especially Javascript). Decided to try and complete both of them at the same time :slight_smile:

Good morning,

I’d like to share my homework, which transitions from an individual assignment to a project for a friend studying the subject. For improved accessibility, I opted to create separate CSS files for each section.

1/ I encountered an issue with the splash image. Although the image was visually appealing, it was sizable, and I aimed to display it seamlessly on all screen sizes. Initially, there was a problem, but I managed to find a solution.

2/ In the hero section, I encountered a problem when applying a red box beneath the text. The HEX color with alpha didn’t perform as expected, prompting me to switch to RGB color and adjust the alpha to 0.8 for a more satisfactory result. This solution significantly improved the clarity of the text.

3/ In addressing the responsive section, my focus centered on specific mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop sizes (570px, 768px, 1024px). I rigorously tested the website across various browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Brave. The Brew tool proved invaluable in determining breakpoints, though I’m unsure if it was the best approach. I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

There is more work to be done, but I fear I may never finish it entirely given the complexity of the project.

Live version: HERE
Repo: HERE

Hello everyone!

This is my solution to the Company Home Page Challenge Project using Flexbox. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!

Github Page: Document
Repo: GitHub - S067130H/Vex-9-Industries: This is my solution to Codecademy's Challenge Project: Company Home Page with Flexbox. I've created a fictional company called Vex-9 that provides industrial robotics products and solutions.

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The following link will lead you to the code for my completed business site starting project using flex-box layout: GitHub - PaiiPai/flexbox-business-site-starting: A responsive business website using flex-box layout

You can view the website on your browser as the following link will lead you directly there:

Much appreciated if you hit like on my reply!

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I kept changing ideas about what kind of business I wanted to do so I went an entirely different direction and cloned the Discord homepage instead. Used SASS for the first time, which was cool.

Live version
The code

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Love it, especially the location of projects :heart_eyes:

I’m sharing my work with you: The Coca-Cola company website
*If you click on the left arrow at the bottom of the page, you’ll be able to see other projects.
Thank you for your attention. :slight_smile:

Here’s my attempt at this project!

Live site:
Una Nails

Github repo:

Hi all,

I just finished this project, if anyone would be interested in having a look, the links are below; any comments are welcome :slight_smile:

This was my attempt at recreating the example site provided
for the Challenge Project: Company Home Page with Flexbox.
I know that the solution code is much simpler and more elegant
but I just wanted to share this to preserve my process
as I feel that I achieved the brief and even though
it is not as perfect or elegant as the solution code,
I learnt a lot through my process and that is the main thing.

I know that the nav bar is way too spaced out but I kind of like that.
Also I know that the portfolio section is not perfect.
It took a lot of jiggery pokery to get the text to do what I wanted.
I know how to fix these things through the solution code.

I added a different background and text color scheme
that I think works quite well.

I have the solution code so I don’t really need notes
but I just hope you like what I’ve done as I’m happy with it.

here is a lin to my website! went a bit off course, spent a fair bit more time on this than i should’ve but really enjoyed the learning curve!

yet to make it responsive!

Looks really good though. You have done quite a lot of work on that. I really like some of the effects on the tiles!

So, here is the link to my website. I struggled to think of the type pf company that I would want to create a site for. So I have made one for a DnD group :slight_smile:

here is the code: