Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Looks amazing, great job!

I spotted a layout issue affecting the header on my laptop; might be relatted to the height calculation using vh that you’re using for the outer container?

Critiques of my work are welcomed.

Hi All,

Here is my code for a fictional company home page. I would really appreciate any and all feedback.

Here is the url to my site.



Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I have built a company website based my obsession with mission impossible series, so I decided to build a website for IMF. All teammates were handpicked by myself. My code may be a bit messy but I feel a bit confident in myself after completing it on my own.

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Hi. My link: Fitness

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Codecademy Company Project - Infinito Surreal

Live page:


One of the biggest challenges was to adjust the margins of desktop and mobile.
The gallery objects has differents sizes. I had to set the height of every image. I wonder if is a way to auto adjust the height of all the gallery images instead of setting each row span. Any suggestions?


Hello. This is my flex solution: a company that sells notebooks:
Hope you like it and comment

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Geniales pinturas, amigo. Me gusta que usas un poco JavaScript. He intentado usar GitHub para mostrar mis páginas pero no encuentro la manera. Qué bueno que usas capturas de pantalla, llama la atención más que sólo poner el link. Que tengas bonito año, saludos.

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Fellow mechanical keyboard enthusiasts!

My addiction to mech keybs gave me the idea for this challenge project. :sweat_smile:

I made a fictional keyboard vendor website selling keyboards I own and like.

What about you, what mechanical keyboards have you built or own?
I’d gladly share my builds as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

To view the resource code click here.
To view the live site click here.

Let me know your thoughts about my work or any ideas to improve the website.

Thank you so much! :heart_hands:


Buenas Eduardo!
Muchas gracias, los trabajos son de mi hermano.

Para hacer la página, dentro del repositório, tienes que ir en las configuraciones y en el menu de la izquierda, al final esta “pages”. En pages tenes que vincular la pagina a la branch “main” o “master”. Salvas esta opcion y despues creas un url con la siguiente configuracion: https://[tu nombre de usuário][nombre de tu página]

Hi Eduardo!
Thank you very much, the works belong to my brother.

To make the page, inside the repository, you have to go in the settings and in the menu on the left, at the end is “pages”. In pages you have to link the page to the “main” or “master” branch. Save this option and then create a url with the following settings: https://[your username][your page name]. :wink:

This is my try a creating a fictional company web page
Company - The Cookie Corner

I tried to make is as responsive as possible
The website - The Cookie Corner
The code - The-Cookie-Corner

Please let me know what you think and areas of improvement.


Hello everyone, here is my work, It my imaginations, please give me your feed back, I’m still struggling with responsive design but I’m working on it. Thanks


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Hi !

This is one of my first projects so please help me improve, and request possible changes to upgrade the overall site quality/visual and responsive design.

Check the site at: Favicon

Code here: GitHub - Suecalle/Faviconh


Hi guys, I am posting my project about Company Home Challenge.

Every feebback is welcome, new in this field, trying to get the best practices to have a really cool web page.

Live View


Hello everyone! I wanted to share my project on the Company Home Challenge with you all.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback since I’m eager to learn from you guys.
Code: GitHub - devshittu/cp-company-home-page-with-flexbox
Live preview: Company Homepage


Hello everyone! This is my attempt for this challenge, if you have feedbacks or various improvements in mind please feel free to write! I hope I’ve done a good job!

Repo: GitHub - Andre-DM/Company-Home-Page
Live Site: Tiny Meet Bookstore Cafe



Here my solution to this challenge, it took a lot of days but I learned a lot! :smiley:

Repo: GitHub - final-aerith/company-homepage-with-flexbox: Codecademy Challenge Project
Page: FreshMart

Thanks for the feedback!


Hey there! I’m sharing my project; I really enjoyed making this, and learned a lot:

feel free to take a look at the code and leave feedback; I’ve enjoyed seeing all the work here.


Amazing ! Great visuals in both desktop and mobile.

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Nice job I really like! One thing I recommend is adding a pointer cursor in your list(li) and to the social media icons.

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