Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hi everyone!

Here is my simplistic design of an imaginary design company:


Hi all,

Here is my fictional website attempt:




Very cool, slick and professional looking.

One area for development is your banner could be more responsive as the text “we help your brand…” is not very readable on small screens.

Nice design and colour scheme.

I would add in some media queries as the website breaks when the screen gets smaller but looks great on a pc monitor.

Hi everyone, here is my solution:


The project was very interesting) I’m happy I finished it.


Impressive, especially the media rules and fixed header.

Thanks! Frankly to say my page is fading between the work of others :)), I thought about the responsiveness by adding media queries, but as the task implied just flexbox-es, I narrowed it down to using just them.

Hello Everybody here’s my page, is a fictional one, open to hear some constructive feedback, i used flex-box and media queries… more practice is better.
Hope you like it.

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Hey script2259263362, thanks for the feedback!
What smaller screen size are you using because when I minimize the browser or use developer to check out how it looks on different screen sizes it looks fine?

Hopefully this is helpful :).

Live site:
Code: GitHub - Jay-Levi/ A portfolio project for Codecademy

My site should be responsive at different screen sizes.
I had a lot of fun making this site. I’m not a fan of the colour scheme i chose so if anyone has any ideas it would be much appriciated :innocent:
Also any feedback in general is appriciated too.
Thanks :blush:

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Hey everyone, here’s the page I made for my sister’s business. Please let me know if you have any feedback!

Live: Iron Leaf Press
Code: GitHub - jdameling25/IronLeafPress

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Here is my version of company website. I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

See it here: Robert Koletzky
Check code: GitHub - robert085/fbss: flexbox business site starting - codecademy

Please comment.


Hello everyone!

In this project, as an aviation fan, I decided to pay a small tribute to one of my favorite airlines: Lufthansa

website: Lufthansa Project
code: Project code

Hope you like it!

Completed the project.
I used the Actual business that I work in. But when I compared it to others it does not look very appealing. :slight_smile:
Company Website Project

Has anyone encountered problems with the files downloaded for this project? I am learning this on Windows. Why is there a MACOSX file in the compressed folder? After I un-zipped the files, I deleted that folder, but now I can’t seem to get the VSCode to live preview anything and it kept showing “Cannot GET/index.html”. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA

Hi guys! This is my home page project, would be thankful for feedback! Thank you
It was really tough for me, I spend a lot of time, hope it was worth ha ha ha!


Hello all - this is my Challenge Project: Company Home Page with Flexbox page and code. I incorporated some Javascript in lines 47-60 of my HTML for the Nav Bar menu/hamburger incon but I’m not 100% sure how to close it once an option has been clicked on without having to select the close icon - any insight into this and any suggestions on how I can improve things in my code and on the webpage would be appreciated.

Git repo: GitHub - CDProjects/Flexbox-Company-Website
Webpage: HOME | Jonah's Fire Station

Hi there,

Here is my version of the Company Home Page Challenge Project. I took the TeaCozy project I made before as base and expanded it, also I tried to make it fully responsive, but somehow the mediaquery does not work on mobile devices, anyone knows why?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Git: GitHub - CCchallenge1/ Company home page Challenge @codecademy

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Hello, here is my website on Imaginary pastry shop.

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