Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

That’s amazing, how long have you been doing front-end work? Love the layout, design and pictures are crisp. Such an inspiration, thank you!

So clean and very well done. Thank you for sharing!

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Looking at other’s projects make me realise how much more I have to go. Such an inspiration from all who post, thank you!

Live Demo: Fakeflix Media
Github Repo: GitHub - daryldelrosario/company-home-page: Using flexbox to design and build layout for company homepage

Live Demo Gif:


Hi ya’ll!

Instead of making a company website I decided to create my very own portfolio. What do you think? Also, all of you did an amazing job. I need to work on my skills.

Elysea’s Portfolio


Hey, thanks! I started the Front-End Path in late October, no previous coding experience (though I do have a degree in visual art).

My first website

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Hello friends!

I share with you the website I build for my cousin’s company so I hope you can understand it doesn’t necessarily have the same requirements from codecademy, since my cousin already told me what he wanted, Anyway I’m looking forward to add more sections to the page, and with no more words I leave my website here:

Live Website
GitHub Repo

Looking forward to connect with you, and any feedback of course is received


HI friends!!
This is my fictitius Pizza Restaurant.
Hope you enjoy.

Live : 🍕 Pizza do Leo 🍕
GitHub Repositorie : GitHub - Rochadevv/Pizzadoleo: Responsive site project.

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mine on this link. It is not perfect, but it works

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My Website kinda breaks at very low display resolutions, like 400px. (edit: I might have kinda fixed it)
But for now that’s ok I guess.
I won’t add a Team. I don’t have Creative Cloud at the moment and those are the only programs I can use. I really struggle with alternatives and I hate to just use some random and not fitting pictures for this.
Maybe I add some when I finally overcome my fear of 60€ a month…
So: This is my site :slight_smile:


This is my fictional winery landing page.


It is nice, but font-size is too small, hard to read.

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Thank you!
I´ll review the fontsize :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Looks super clean. Seems like you know what you are doing :slight_smile:


Here my link, I opted for replicating the example with a couple of improvements:

Hi everyone,
Here is my attemp at this project. I like to put some fun in everything I do, so anyone checking it may enjoy it.
Any feedback on the design or code please don’t hesistate to let me know.

live page: Anís locura live page



Here is a link to my company home page:

Please let me know if there is anything needed fixing.

Hi! My work could look 5x better if I applied little bit more styling but I have already spent hours on this and will continue learning for now. I may update the work in the future.

Live Page: Felix the Cat - Search & Destroy Services Inc.

I’m open to any feedbacks.

I had a lot of fun doing this project.
I created a fictional webshop :slight_smile:

Live version



Hi everyone, here’s my solution for this project.
I would appreciate any feedback.