Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a great day. This my company home page project.
Live demo: Adonis Company Site
Code: Adonis Company Site

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt at designing my ecommerce website homepage

wesbite - SVFERO
gist - Company Homepage Challange Project CSS Flexbox · GitHub

Hello, everyone!
This is my attempt at the company home page project! Feel free to give me feedback!
Live Website - merX - Imaginary Company Home Page

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Hey everyone!
here’s my website, inspired in some of the work I do/did in the past.

I like to have full pages with every section that way I force the section to be 100vw in landscape.
in portrait I force 100vh.
I used some image background with background color on top.
not used grid, but flexbox both for landscape and portrait.
I’m all ears. thank you.


Please check


Excellent, love it. Fixed backgrounds are very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Hi everyone, here’s a link to my project One Page. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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Hello All
Finally completed this Flexbox Responsive Project. Some things I could not quite work out.

Side note, there are some really impressive websites on this forum. It’s fun to look through them all. I’ll be sure to leave some comments.

  1. the links “bikini”, “bra” and “panties” have a underline hover feature that is 3px thick. Those 3 px push everything on the page down 3px when hovering. How do i stop this?
  2. when slowly scaling down the browser size you’ll notice the “panties” section snaps into a bottom position as by design but the edges don’t quite line up. The code is a mess. Sorry.

Super slick, you’ve added so many features. I’d say it’s good for practice but maybe less is more as well. Some of the features can be distracting. But excellent display of skill.

Thank you for your comment. It’s really helpful. Thanks.

The concept is cool; so is the design. I’d suggest you define a max-width for the “Our Fleet” section so that on wide screens, the fleet images won’t ever go beyond 3 cards per row. Currently (on my screen), there are 5 cards on row 1, and 1 card on row 2. That isn’t really cool unless it is deliberate and unique. My opinion anyway.

Clean and professional.

I’d suggest you put a black background with some transparency between the white text and your team members’ image to give the text clearer visibility for people with vision impairment. Also, hyperlink the GitHub logo to your GitHub profile. Overall, the design and concept are sweet.

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Good evening)

Many thanks for your advice) That is really essential and helpful for me!
I am only first month with development learning… so I am making a lot of mistakes…(

One more time thanks for your comment and advice)

Kind regards


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This is my work on this project - a website of a fictional company.

I think this is a link to your actual github site. Post a link to your published website and we’ll navigate to it much easier.
Go to settings.
Then Pages.
Copy and Paste website address.


I’m ready to share my imaginary site for Scooby Doo PI :smiley:

Code: GitHub - ikcetsok/CA-Company-Home-Page-with-Flexbox
Website: Mystery Machine PI

I know it’s quite simple but I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Any feedback will be appreciated!


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This is my work on this project - a website of a fictional company.


Here’s my company home page challenge solution.

I tried to make the site responsive. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you.

Hahahah, quite funy. Well done!

I really liked your design and texts. as for improvements I’d put some hover function on the links and make it responsive

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