Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)


This is my work on this project - a website of a fictional company for sharing book notes

The code is here

The website can be seen here

Please give me some advise to improve my skills

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I made a fake website for my sister who is a counselor.

The code is here: healthyminds/index.html at main · spectrumcoder/healthyminds · GitHub

The website can be seen here: Healthy Minds LLC

Please let me know what you guys think.

Here is link to my project Property Dealers please visit and suggest me any change.

Hello guys here is my Website that i made :

Code : at main · jrgwed/ · GitHub

Let me know what you think! Have a great day! :smile:

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I actually built a site for a client from what I learned. Took some time. Nothing too fancy. Clean responsive webpage, any feedback is appreciated InkInSkin

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very clean design. Could have used rounded corners for images.

Thank you. Have a nice day!

I tried to make a relatively simple startup looking design, so the color schemes aren’t really a thing at all, but I did have to photoshop tiny hats onto unsplash pics, so that was fun.

I would increase the font weight of the content text, as it’s very light and sort of blends into the background a little and copy-edit your english because the copy is a little awkward. Some of the big tells for translated english is verb tense errors, an absence of plurals, and a lack of filler words that might be seen as contextually obvious in other languages.

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You have a great eye for simple color palettes and that’s awesome. I think your hover actions on the start free button may either be flipped in terms of how it should be reacting or could be taken away entirely and replaced with something more flat that simply changes in color. Your copy could use a run-over by an editor, and I would tweak the team section images to have some design to them that speaks to the overall theme-ing of the site, perhaps with come kind of designy bordering or something like that.

Overall, your construction and concepts and color-story work look like you have a strong foundation there. Well done IMO :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

this is my first post despite being around for awhile. I really had fun with this project, it did take awhile for me to complete. I have never had anyone review my code before so this should be good for me.
the live site is here
I tried to keep it response and looking good both on my iPhone and computer and I think it works. I do like the color scheme I used and hope you do as well.
I find after time (this took me about a full day and a half to get to this point) I tend to do trial and error and sometimes skip code I didn’t intend to use. It will be good for me to get some feedback and I am looking forward to it.

code repo is here

hope you like it, now my only real complaint is the sidebar however after about 4 hours of trying different methods this was the one I thought worked the best, and my wife liked it also so in the end I stuck with it. However I am not happy with it for the most part.



This is a lovely base for a website that IMO only needs a few tweaks with respect to flow and that sidebar is just a little…aesthetically awkward for the rest of the site.

The links on the sidebar menu are very flat. Even a thin divider might make them a little more easy to recognize as a navigation, and the color is not light enough to contrast with the background so it ends up looking a little muddy and disjointed from the rest of the aesthetics which are all very clean and all serve a purpose. I think if you pulled that lighter blue from the base site and made that the bg for the hamburger and the sidebar it would marry the aesthetics between the two better and not look so much like a completely different person made the sidebar and hamburger.

The rest of my notes from looking at this are:

  1. The section titles are often smaller than the subheadings, which are also relatively small given their organizational importance on the page. You might want to push those a touch up to fit with their level of importance. Also capitalize Our in About our Team. Mixed capitalization isn’t helping this look like a proper heading.

  2. I would reduce the line-height in the footer just a titch and push each of those little subgroupings of dummy links together with a little spacing between aligned left-to- right instead of having them spaced so far apart. I think on smaller screens these will be fine, but as you expand out, the space between them almost implies something is missing as opposed to a standard means of organizing information.


  1. TOTALLY AESTHETIC note: I’d fade the bg picture out if possible from the main section into the info sections to give a more natural flow into the remainder of the page. It might give the earth and space image a bit of an ethereal look and bridge the beautiful top aesthetics into the more technical bottom aesthetics in a way that’s a little more smooth and designy. Totally opinion though, because it’s perfectly fine as is.

This is a beautiful project design and makes mine feel unfinished and minimalistic in comparison LOL. Well done! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback I really appreciate it. And you know you are right about the sidenav, I actually stole it from another project I did unrelated to this one as I tried many styles this time around and after a few hours trying to get what I wanted I just went with this. I think I need to dive back in now that I had a few days away from this project and give it a second try, see if I can integrate it so it doesn’t contrast so much and actually looks like it belongs.

I really appreciate it thank you!! I think you also gave me an idea on the main earth bg photo, that is a great idea.

Thanks again for all your kind words and feedback it really means a lot.


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Thank you very much for your appreciation and suggestion. It encourages me to learn harder and create projects more.

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Hello there,

I finished my offplatform Challenge Project: Company Home Page with Flexbox. I’m not sure if my CSS code isn’t a bit too messy. Anyway, the code is here for anyone who might want to take a look:
HTML: YinYangYogaSchoolHomepage/index.html at fe910d90f4ee4eea71d78938627e30e28cf4ffd4 · davidrfarinha/YinYangYogaSchoolHomepage · GitHub
CSS: YinYangYogaSchoolHomepage/style.css at fe910d90f4ee4eea71d78938627e30e28cf4ffd4 · davidrfarinha/YinYangYogaSchoolHomepage · GitHub

Preview of finished project: Yin Yang Yoga School Homepage (

(I’m a bit proud of the logo, which was entirely created by me using GIMP software)

Kind regards to everyone

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Hello everyone,

I hope you have a good day so far.
I just finish my project: Company Home Page with Flexbox / Cocktail Website. It took way longer than I thought it would be, I am happy with it. Here is my Code: GitHub - LetsCodeManh/Cocktail-Website: Learning HTML & CSS Skills by Building a Cocktail-Website with Flexbox
and Live website: NoName Company Home Page

Any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


Hi everyone.

Please have a look at my Company webpage. I decided to create my own mock-up business and logo.
Feel free to leave comments. Feedback is always appreciated.


I forgot to add my code.
Here is my repository for the code:

Thanks everybody.

Challenge Project: Company Homepage with Flexbox - Nailnspo is a made up company that provides a gallery of nail ideas to help users find their next nail design.

It’s been driving me batty that my site was not responsive after I worked really hard to make it so. I think I finally figured it out! I forgot to scale the viewport in the head lol. So anyway, if you want to check it out and pass on some feedback I would appreciate it!