Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Yes with media queries

Okay here’s my finished mock website. Lots of trial and error. Any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Code- at main · CGregersen/ · GitHub

Here’s my project
Code here GitHub - jesspetrillo/underscore: V0.1 of agency site

Can’t wait to read your feedback.

I’ll keep working on it. Maybe add some media queries to improve responsiveness.

Hi, This is My Project His & Hers:

Code Here:


Hi everyone,

Here’s my project:
Code: GitHub - Merthynz/Home-Page
Website: Hidden Pathways

This looks very good, I just finish my one and I will post it shortly.

Hi guys. For this project, I made a website that sells jewellery

Live site: EVE
Git repo: GitHub - farah-qistina/EVE

Feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Nice stuff!
I would use some more fonts and less shadow in the texts, but it’s a gorgeous site!

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Hi Guys,

Below is the link to my project:

Your candid feedback will be appreciated.

Here is the link:

hi, this is my work in this project:

I couldn’t get the footer to change color, but this is my final project


I think this is my favorite one so far! Great job to you and everyone as well.

It looks great! Of course, later down the road, you learn more advanced design looks, but overall it looks fantastic. If

I had to give advice that would be the box that the pictures and buttons are inside.
When you do a hover effect for the overall parent box make sure that the cursor doesn’t change to the click cursor, this can help reduce confusion for the user and make the effect look as intended which is to catch the user’s attention on what they are hovering over. This would lead them to click on the (Learn More >) or (Buy >) buttons!
The visualization below to what I’m explaining above! :


The only other thing is don’t forget to add padding to your images when presenting them in a panel-like box!!!:crazy_face:


Hi everyone,

I’ve had so much fun looking through your projects and picking up some inspiration! I think I’m 95% there with my own page - it would be great to get your thoughts on my fictional bookshop homepage Food for Bookworms -

There are a couple of snags still bothering me:

  1. If you zoom out/view the page on a larger screen div.title seems to overlap with the next div.

  1. I wanted img.tomorrow-image to be flush with the bottom of so there is no green border at the bottom but despite trying a couple of options you can still see a little of the background-color under the image.

Would love any suggestions for potential solutions to the above and any more general thoughts on how I could improve the page!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, this is my page. I made a Cat Litter company. It’s not perfect, but I can’t work on it forever lol. I do feel like i still have a lot to learn about using Flexbox, but I worked hard on it.

Code is here: GitHub Repository

Live site:

I also just want to add that I did not know Draven, I came across his picture and thought it was awesome. I was sad to hear his story. He looked like a pretty cool kid.

Feedback welcome!


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I would remove the side image and center the Lunar logo main image on smaller screens and wrap the contact us section on smaller screens so they stack. But well done!

It works well. Stacks good, from a design perspective i would add some wider margins at the header, I feel like it makes someone on a wide screen go searching when the logo and menu are too far out from the center, but that is just me.

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting my Codecademy project on this platform.
Though I was quite hesitant earlier, I know this is a very good place to learn and improve upon my coding skills.
Looking forward to receiving contributions on what I might have gotten wrong on this project and how to improve .

Code: GitHub - pkansah/
Live site: Digital Empire

Thank You.

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Hi everyone,

Just finished with this project, took a while lol :sweat_smile: I redesigned the home page of the company I work for. I tried my best to make it as responsive as possible to desktop, tablets, and phones.

Live site: Anvil Auto

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :smile: