Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hey everyone, tried to make a somewhat attractive website, please share your feedback.

Site: Company's website
Github: GitHub - pc9350/Company-wesbite-using-flexbox

Here’s my go at the flex website:


Feedback welcome

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Great Job!!! I made my one very basic. I will inspire in yours and improve my one =)


Hello This is my imaginary Drone shooting Company single Page,

This is the Page:

Here’s the Code: GitHub - sherlockTheHolmes/droneCompany

Any negative or Positive Feedback are welcome! Thanks

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Thank you so much. The whole page uses html and css only.

Thank you so much! I tried to keep within the prompts so I did not focus on making it responsive, but I’m thinking on going back and editing my code so it does. I appreciate your feedback!

Tá muito bom! Looking good! Are you Brazilian by any means?

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I really love it though!

Sou brasileiro sim! Valeu, mas ainda ta com uns problemas de responsividade que preciso ajustar.
Começou o curso faz tempo?

Wow many brazilians here!! Fala ai galera!! =D

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Congrats!! really like how you used the border-radius for the team and use the border shadown. I also really like the how you use flex-box for our preferences =) Great job!

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This is my project:



live: Theflowershop

code: at main · k1ng-stryker/ · GitHub

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Hi guys,

This is the website I made for the hairdressing salon I work at. Brand colours are black and white, that’s why so monotone.

Let me know what you thing

Did this take anyone else considerably longer than the 90mins quoted? Hoping it wasnt just me ha!

Anyway, here is my attempt - inspired by my dog haha!



Any feedback appreciated :smiley:

Here’s my website, would love some feedback on it! Learned a lot trying to make it stylish.

Live website: NOT A GAME COMPANY

Github: at main · KokiriKaleb/ · GitHub

Hi everyone!

I had fun creating this project. Learned alot in the process i would love to receive some feedback on it.

Live website: Bike Tours Thailand

Have a good one!