Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

This is really nice, great job

Hey everyone this is my solution to the challenge
Here is the code
GitHub - KervinMartinez/HomePageProject: Off platform CodeAcademy project. Fictional home page practicing flex box and responsive website If the link doesn’t work, my github username is kervinmartinez

Any comments, criticism, or opinions on improvements and tips are welcome.


Hi there!

The only thing that I immediately noticed offhand was that “Pregnancy/Baby Shower” is not centrally aligned like the other captions starting at 850px. Other than that, I think your site looks great! Great work!


This is my go at it, I wanted to create a webpage for my local toastmasters, here it is. I would appreciate any value addition: thanks for taking a minute to go through means a lot.

Code link: GitHub - riston996/company
Webpage link: XYZ Toastmasters

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Great job @iamker , loved it.

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Great site, in some areas there is less contrast between the background image and color of letters, in addition to the great work you have done, adding a few color changes will make the site pop more.


Good website, and good design

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This is my version;
Code: GitHub - Kipsnif/Flexbox
Website: Into the Wild

I could have done more with it, but I’m happy as is. I didn’t resize anything for smaller screens, so that’s definitely something I should still work on.


i still cannot believe this work… you should sell it, it’s spectacular!

really cool!!! looks awesome

Here is my Company Home Page. I Had a little trouble trying to center some elements when making it responsive but I’ll get better at it.

Source code - GitHub - Baerlucky/Company-Home-Page: Codecademy Challenge Project
Live version - Web Development Concepts

Hello there!

This is my first time showing what I came up with for the challenge.

Live Website

I know the code could be cleaner but this time I focused on flexbox.

If you have the time, I would appreciate any feedback. :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi everyone, this is my first time sharing any project on the forum. It would be really appreciated if anyone could find time to review my code and give me some feedback. Thanks

Project: GitHub - Vekworld/ Responsive webpage using Flexbox

Hey guys, just completed my Codecademy Flexbox Business Site Project, please see the link below:

Any feedback and/or constructive criticism is welcome!


Hi guys, I finished this project and it’s the first one that I put on forum. I will really appreciate if you could watch the code and give me some feedback.

Page link : Hit The Road

Code link : GitHub - AdrianOrasan/

Thank you !

looking nice! it could be more responsive, by small screens its not shrinking enough

Hi guys,just completed my FlexBox Homepage project.

Click tthis to view: Document
I’ll appreciate any form of feedback or criticism

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hi , this is my project on the home page challenge. it is not complete, but the more i kept going the more confusing my css was getting. so i decided to share it and learn from the feedback and learn what i could of done diffrent and implement it in future projects. thanks

Here is my flexbox business page: