Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hi all,

See my work on this project, let me know what you think, thanks!

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Hi team

here is my project, it is a landing page for a local bakery.

here is the page: GitHub & BitBucket HTML Preview

here is the code: GitHub - flightlessnightbird/BrickArtisanBreadCompany_landingpage: A responsive business landing page for BABCO - Portfolio



Hey here’s my solution.

I created a landing page for a car detailing company. Looking for any advice.
No other pages are created yet so the links in the nav do not lead anywhere yet nor do the ‘contact now buttons’.

here’s the gitpage So Sa Detailing

and here’s the repo: GitHub - Sumaine210/Car-Detail-Site

Hey, guys! Here is my web responsive design for the challenge:

Github page: GitHub - softEngMatthew/company-landing-page: Here is my first free attempt to create a landing page for a fictional company. The code has been done by HTML and CSS exclusively.
You can check the page out here: Company Home Page

Cheers, hope you guys are having a good one!

My fictional company - The Burger Galaxy

In no way perfect but I definitely gave it my best shot!

Hey Guys!

Here’s my project for “Company Home Page”.
Website: Company Homepage
and the code: GitHub - Biggboss7/Company-Hompage
Let me know what you think!

Hi everyone, here is my attempt:

Live Page: Okinori
Github Repo: GitHub - minkcodin/Okinori-Responsive-Website

Cheers, all feedback is welcome! ^^
I’m on the way to cleaning up the code, it’s really messy in the repository rn :joy::

Hello everyone!!

I’ve made up a website for a company selling plants.

You can find the cose here: Plant_site/Plant_Website at main · Stefanocalo/Plant_site · GitHub .

If you want to see the rendered version it’s here: Plant_site/index.html at 808fc0064bc0ffe0763a80a11b5c66f72e82913d · Stefanocalo/Plant_site · GitHub

Please let me know what. you think and if you have any idea on how to improve it please let me know.

Beautiful website!! Really well made!

I would probably change the blue links on top with a lighter colour for readability. Apart from that your website look stunning!!

Use media query to instruct with screen sizes. You can fix it with few lines of code.

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Hi, everyone!

I just completed my first version of this project. To challenge myself, I created a website for a pet service company that I made-up. I went a little extra and created a company logo and splash image for the website background as well. The site is responsive down to 768px. The reason for this being is that I would like to include some JavaScript uses for when the screen gets down to a certain size–but I haven’t started learning JavaScript yet. Overall, I’m really happy with how it has turned out! Please let me know what you think!

Repository: GitHub - TantariWD/Doggone-Pet-Services
Demo: Doggone | Home

Hey All!

Ive just finished the Company Landing Page project would love feedback!

Live: IT Solutions Enterprise

github/code: GitHub - PedigreeHaggis/landing-page-business: Simple landing page developed using flexbox.


Hi Spatchicus,

You’ve got some images not rendering. Your folder for images is not capitalized, but for the broken images, it is capitalized for the path. Once the path is corrected, the images should appear!

Hello Everyone!

Please review my web site and share you thoughts!

The website can be viewed at

Code can be found here :

Please let me know what you think


thanks for pointing this out! the live preview in VScode was working fine so didn’t even notice.

Thanks again

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Hello there!

My first thought–“Cockroach eating?!” The site is very comical. I don’t know if I would hire plumbers to come and eat cockroaches. :joy:

On a real note, I see that the logo uses two different shades of blue. I think the use of some whitespace as well as the incorporation of a color palette that complements the logo would do splendid!

Here is my company home-page project. No JS yet. My name is Nathan. Currently a wind technician , ex military. Working full-time and working full-time to change careers. Thank you for any input given.

Thanks for reply! I am expecting problems with logo on mobile phones mode. I don’t know how to fix it…