Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Here’s my Home Page in GitHub GitHub - hugoulloa89/Challenge-Project-Company-Home-Page-with-Flexbox


could you please feedback me my project?



Hey! Thanks, really appreciate your feedback.

I used this YouTube tutorial to make the neon button (if you’re interested).


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Responsiveness is not 100% yet. Struggle for me, but I’m working on it.

Hey everyone I’m here to share my project just like you!
I did play around with media queries since I really haven’t gotten to practice much except for inside of the lessons.
Otherwise, iv mixed flexboxes and media queries together and all of the results are posted below!

Here is the GitHub link: GitHub - DEVArt1st/Company-Home-Page

Completed website: Oynx | 2023

Hello, I worked on this project about an imaginary Italian Restaurant, I made it responsive for phones and tablets.

Live site: Paparolio Pizza
Repository: Codecademy_Projects/Company Home Page at main · Chabulsqu/Codecademy_Projects · GitHub

Hello world!
Just Sharing mine!
Live: AKG Esports
Git: at main · ijrmar7/ · GitHub

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Hi everyone! I designed this site for a fictional luxury real estate agency located in London. The site is fully responsive. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.
Live site: The House of Luxury
Repository: GitHub
Thank you all.

The responsive is great! If i can give you an advice, try to add some padding to the images. The layout it would be even more orderly. :slight_smile:

I was able to push my code to my repository via Git! Check it out here! :slight_smile:

Please note I did not follow instructions 100% and the items are not interactive since we didn’t get to JS section.

This is my attempt:

heres the website:

and the code:

please be gentle lol

Here’s my code! Please let me know what you think. It’s not perfect and there’s some spelling errors, but that wasn’t the assignment!


Here is my repo, any advice is appreciated!

Hello All,

Come check out Shooz! My Company Home Page Challenge. All comments & feedback are always welcomed.

Github repo - GitHub - peter-xiong/flexbox-business-site-starting
Live-site - Shooz Homepage

Awesome! Great job! Can i ask you how you did the form of the Contact section? I’m trying to do it for another project but i’m in difficult. Do you have a good tutorial or other resources that can help me? Thank you a lot :pray:

This took me longer than expected! I’m still not perfectly happy with it, but I don’t think I have the knowledge to get exactly what I want yet!

I started trying to make it more responsive for mobile devices but it was just frustrating me. So, I decided to focus on that for the next challenge and try to keep things fresh to keep me motivated.

Anyway, here is the site: Arrow Energy Products

And here is the code: GitHub - Barky213/companyflex: Imagninary comapny flexbox practice from CodeAcademy

Any feedback welcome!