Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Hello Aidan,

Wow, it is a beautiful and inspiring project, congratulations!

I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions for improvement but I am curious about your design process:
-Did you wireframe it first using other sites as inspiration?
-How did you go about programming the responsiveness into it? Did you code it by starting from mobile view and working towards desktop view or the other way around?

Thank you for sharing your project, I’m already learning a quite a few things just by looking at it :slight_smile:



Hi Agustin,
Thanks so much. You’re much better at these comments than I am haha.
I actually made the logo pretty easily with Canva! I definitely recommend it for like… everything creative ever if you’re a creative soul lol. Illustrator would have been a little too much work considering it not being a graphic design project lol.

Thank you for the feedback! I honestly often forget the comments stuff and definitely did not fully optimize the site for mobile viewing. To be honest, I’m quite sure I finished the project and was like “that’s it for me forever on this one” lol.

Hope you have a wonderful day/night/whatever depending on your time zone!

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Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it! Go for it valentynejk! Check out the code and see if that helps you at all!

That’s cool, thanks for the comment though! If I’m honest I just used the original ASOS site as the inspiration! I just worked on one part at a time. I started off coding the HTML for the navigation, moved onto the CSS for the navigation then did a very small amount of JavaScript. I then moved section to section from there.

As for the responsiveness… I liked to start on desktop and then move onto tablet and mobile size, again going through section by section. I found I was constantly making adjustments throughout the whole project as I was adding sections and when I noticed any problems or irregularities.

Glad I could help Agustin!

Good luck throughout the course guys!

Hey everyone! This is my project Hardwell Construction
please take a look at it and give me any feedback.

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Hi everyone! Would love to get some feedback on my project. It’s a website for my father’s small business. GBHVAC.

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Hey guys, I would love if you guys can check out the homepage I made, the design I used was for a previous client of mine that we never ended up actually making her website (I used to be a web-designer).

code: GitHub - ACilkov/Codecadamy-Challenge-Project-Company-home-page

webiste: Hotel Park Negotino

Looking forward to your input or criticism.

PS - I made some design changes to the initial website-design, including some further addition from what the exercise required from us. The website should be fully responsive as well (excluding some possible bugs).


Oddly enough the most challenging part of this project was choosing a color scheme. I started with a soft red, but ended up with this soft gray.

I’m still not entirely happy with the color scheme, but I am happy with its overall aesthetic. It is not yet responsive. I use both flex and grid. I designed it on a large screen, and tested it in several modern browsers.


Hello everybody,
Here is my solution for this task:
I have created landing page for the website of fictional yarn shop. All information, names are fictional. I took photos from stock images websites, that’s why they have watermarks.
To preview the website easily, paste url of HTML file to:
I was quite struggling with the image sizes for the website. I had quite large images, as approximately 1000px wide. After trial end error, my solution was to make them smaller initially, like 300px wide.
Could anybody tell me please, is it the right way to do, or is there any other way to make large image fit into smaller div?

great work! The only suggestion: maybe you would like to make images of team members appear not distorted?