Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

here is my site - a silly candle shop sort of thing
hope it works!



Hello everyone :grin:,
this my small website for my small dream business :relaxed:

website: Welcome To Otaku World
code: GitHub - Husain22/Otaku-World

hope you like it :blush:


I’m super biased because I’m into anime but I really like this site. Simple and easy on the eyes. The banner image looks pretty stretched but that’s a small complaint. The only thing I would try to include is a color theme. Even just one color that isn’t grayscale to identify with the brand.

You reminded me to add social icons and a few other things to my site so thanks!

My guitar service website.
I plan to work on the color theme a bit more and change the fonts around in the future.

code: GitHub - gnub33/Guitar-Savers: Code Academy Flex Box Project
website:Guitar Savers


Thank You , Glad that you like it :blush:,
i will try to improve it in the future :smiley:

by the way your guitar site is also nice, i recommend you to add more margin for each section heading (around 50px - 80px) and editing the footer section.

Here is the website that I created from this project The GitHub repository is here I would love some feedback (I know there is an extra copy of the files, I don’t know how to delete folders on GitHub yet.

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Thanks for taking a look. I’ll play around with my site a bit more.

I lol’ed reading the hero banner

I liked everything about this site. It’s very well made!

My only suggestion is to remind you to ‘cursor: pointer;’ your links for the icons in the recipe and team sections and at the bottom in the footer.

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This is my take on a fictional company Olympus Corp.

Code here GitHub - alittlebroken/olympuscorp

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Hey codecademics!

I made a mock website for my brother-in-law’s store.
(It’s a small convenience store in a nearby village).
Also, if there are any Ukrainian speakers, please read the Відгуки,
because they are quite funny)

website: Магазин Вулик

github: GitHub - b-a-merritt/vulyk: Web-Store Vulyk in the town of Mushkutyntsi, Ukraine


Nicely done. Your site looks good on my phone and desktop.
Also, I really like the logo! It contrasts very nicely with the black background. Where did you find it?

I am definitely no expert but my two cents worth…its nice and responsive - looks good on mobile. I find flexbox a real challenge so admire anyone who can get it right! I just thought maybe the pics should be the same size on bigger screens. And maybe the big text blocks would be better less wide - add margins or padding.
Thanks for sharing!

Hello, world,
Here’s a link for my live Company Home Page Website: Classic Garage Showroom and here’s the source code:
I hope you like that and thank you for coming there. All feedbacks are very welcome and valuable for me. :grinning:


Just finished with this project. You can view the site here: Motion | Move With Style

Source code: GitHub - daniellabrador/codecademy-motion_home_page

On the way I use CSS selectors, I wrote them like that so it’s easy for me to follow which specific elements I am selecting when I check the index.html file. Do you think this is an inefficient technique?

Anyway, I hope you like it.


Cool concept, Riel. I like it. I couldn’t even do animations yet. I’m still getting there.

I may have some suggestions on the following.

  • I’m a bit concerned with the negative space when you shrink the browser’s size, specifically on the OUR MISSION container.
  • The image sizes are too large. Some users with a slow internet connection might have trouble viewing your webpage. You can try simulating slow internet speeds using ChromeDevTools. You could head over to Reduce Images to reduce image sizes as a quick-fix remedy.
  • The menu hamburger icon also is too small after shrinking the browser window.

Nevertheless, great stuff, man!


Thank you, Will, your sites are great too, and thank you for your suggestions, I’ll fix that later :smiley:

Hello this is my Company Home Page Flexbox project, any comment is welcome, thanks

I finished my project, I create a site for a clothes store for a friend, in the future I will put a shopping, payment and calculate the delivery

Here is the repository in the GitHub: fullstack-engineer/projects/flexbox-business-site-starting at master · Henriqaraujo1/fullstack-engine

This is very important to training my skills and it was fun working out with flexbox.

Great design. Clean, responsive & modern!

Hi everyone,

This was a particularly exciting project for me because I decided to build and modify the website I had designed for my company Tune (15-minute sound and vibration sessions to regulate the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety). Excited to become comfortable with React so I can build the full web app!

Website: Tune - Human Potential Powered by Sound
Code Repository: GitHub - jasbneal/CompanyHomeProject_Tune

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated! :upside_down_face:

If I were to do the project again I would change how I approached the div element class names. For example, I used the same class name in order to provide the same styling for the location boxes in order to avoid code duplication (HTML and CSS example below) but I realized that I could have done a similar technique with other aspects such as for buttons or specific font styling that was repetitive. Ex. <h1 class="h1-styling></h1> so that one CSS rule for .h1-styling could be applied throughout the site.

<div class="location-block" id="l4">
    <a href="./index.html">
         <h3>lululemon Lincoln Park</h3>
          <div class="location-address">
               <p>944 W North Avenue</p>
               <p>Chicago, IL 60642</p>
          <p class="location-phone">+1 (123) 456-7890</p>
          <div class="loc-book">
               <img src="./assets/images/right2-green.svg">
.location-block {
    margin: 20px;
    width: 328px;
    min-width: 328px;
    height: 283px;
    min-height: 283px;
    border: 1px solid #FCE7D5;

.location-phone {
    padding-left: 21px;
    padding-top: 22px;
    height: 87px;
    width: 100%;
    color: #222222;
    font-family: "PT Serif";
    font-size: 18px;
    letter-spacing: 0;
    line-height: 29px;