Company Home Page Challenge Project (Css,Flexbox)

Heres my project. Pls give me feedback on looks!


This is my crack at the task - fictional website landing page.

I tried some dropdown menu stuff as well, then realised dropdowns need to be done a different way on phones (Learnt that on my next Git)

Added media queries so layout responds to mobile and tablet devices.

One thing I got hooked up on was images in flexbox that were different sizes.

  • If I put them in a container and set height, then they don’t scale right.
  • Is it just a case of making the images the same size before using them in your code?


Code - GitHub - DanielStewardson/Flex-landing-page: Create a new landing page for a fictional company, using flex boxes

Live page - Company Home Page with Flexbox

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Here’s mine all finished. Document

The code is here GitHub - astocksdev/companyHome

I’d love some feedback. Found it really hard to start but then got into it.



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Hey all, here’s the site I built for a fictional company that I created, with a touch of humor to make it a bit more fun to look at.

Github Pages - Master Bait & Tackle
Code - GitHub - OB1-Jacobi/MasterBaitAndTackle

I look forward to reading your feedback, and your responses :smile:

Cheers :beers:

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I like it, how the box shadows give it that 3D feel, and how as you scroll down, you move further down the background photo.

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I love the color choices, looks great

Brilliant bud.

I like Holden Hiscock’s profile :joy:

Great job mate, made me laugh instead of the usual crying sat in front of Javascript.

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I like the combination of black background, grey background image and white text - this color scheme makes it easy to read the text and it looks very smart.

The images scale nicely and the layout changes well from row to column as the screen decreases in size. Well done!

Here is my company home page: The Lar Tea Shop. The coding can be found here: GitHub - chris-larham-1983/the-lar-tea-shop.

I spent many hours getting this site just right; any feedback would be much appreciated.

Hi everybody,
This is my solution ( no offense, i have a bad taste in jokes and a dark sense of humor!:

Enjoy our team and if you don’t want to leave a comment don’t worry… i won bite!! :wink:

Well, there are definitely a lot of things that could be improved on my site but I am really pleased that I’ve managed to do this using flexbox as I was really struggling with that before.

Here’s my site: Machine

And here is a link to the

I really like this. Very nice design!

I really like animations and the clean design of the partners and team section!

Hi everyone,
Finally finished my attempt at the Flexbox company homepage:

Live Site:


Would love to hear any comment/feedback.

Hey guys,

Here is my Home Page I made with flexbox.

Any feedback is appreciated, Thank You.


Please see the final output below. All feedback is welcome.


Link to live webpage: