Comp Sci Path VS Python 3 Course

Both the Comp Sci Path and the Python 3 course teach Python programming. My questions are:

  1. Does the Comp Sci path teach Python 3 or Python 2?
  2. What is similar and different between the two?

I believe the majority and probably all, though I’ve not checked, of the comp sci path runs Python3. For the kind of thing you’re doing there’s not a great deal of difference between it and Python2. A few pieces of syntax and certain functions change a bit but it’s unlikely to cause any issue, have a web search if you’re curious.

As for the codecademy course I’m farily confident most of the Python3 path is covered as you go through the comp sci path. There may be one or two sections that aren’t covered but there’s nothing stopping you just covering those topics separately. I don’t think there’s anything important overlooked though.

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