Community thoughts on the new C++ course?


Hi All,
Personally the course feels more like a ‘Basics of Programming’ that just happens to be in c++ rather than ‘The basics of c++’ ?

What does everyone else think?


I can’t speak for everyone, but check these posts out:

I personally like it so far myself!

I hope this helps =)


Yeah I was excited when I got the email about it. Then I did it and was like “that’s it”? There’s almost no content. Pretty disappointing if you ask me.


They Will be adding More Content as time goes on. This will definitely help to get the Syntax Down.


Yea. It did seem a little short. I would guess, yes, that they would add more coursework to it.


Well, as stated by one of the CC Leader (I think it is his position), the course is getting new modules in these weeks so be patient and enjoy :slight_smile:

Also, remember than everything about learning a programming language start with the basis (Variable Types, I/O, Loops, Conditionals), this is what CC does, as learning platform to people who doesn’t know how to code or want to move to new programming stuff :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve only taken like 2 quizzes and it seems so to me as well, but that’s probably because it’s new. Like, it says that I’m at 33% complete but literally all I’ve learned is how to write and run hello.cpp

I mean, I don’t think it’s a bad thing; that’s actually how I like to learn a new programming language is to relearn the basics of programming, in that language; hello, arithmetic, data types, control flow, advanced functionality, objects, wrappers, libraries etc. etc. . That’s also how I learn natural languages, by relearning the basics of conversation, in that language; hello, how are you I’m well, please thank you you’re welcome I’m sorry excuse me, yes I would like some bread and cheese may i have a large coffee etc. etc.

I expect it will improve as they add more content to the course.


Yeah I hope they add a lot more content. They probably will, 'cos they’ll want to start offering it as an intensive that’s where the real money’s at.


hey bluemanning18,

we are working on it! 3rd module going live this monday :slight_smile: and 4th module the following monday. and then the real fun stuff starts after New Years :slight_smile:

C++ is FINALLY here on CodeCademy!

Its short right now, but more is going to be released :grinning:


I have just started the C++ course myself, and love it so far. When I have finished, I will tell you my opinion over the whole course.


hey @cpluspluscoder more content coming next week and next next week!


Yay! What about the week after that? Will there be something also. You said

we are working on it! 3rd module going live this monday :slight_smile: and 4th module the following monday. and then the real fun stuff starts after New Years :slight_smile:

So what about that two weeks the 23 and 30th? Will there something planned there too?


not on 23rd and 30th (it’s the holidays). but more in january/february!


Okay! That sounds good! I can’t wait to get the new info!


Ok. I can see why not there, but I can’t wait for the update tommorow!


I’m glad this is here. Not a big C-family person myself, but knowing this is an important programming language, there is a big need for this. Thank you.


Yea, I’m not much of a C++ person either. But the course is great, and like you said, is important to know if you want to get a job in the coding field.


Its actually one of them you need because its an all-purpose language, and used in game creation which makes money.


it’s here! :slight_smile: please let me know if there are any problems