Community Spotlight (October 2023)

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:sparkles: Curriculum Updates

:newspaper: News, Events, and Resources:

  • Hacktoberfest: This two part event kicked off today, Monday, October 2nd and will continue on October 4th. Codecademy Content Contributors Kyra Thompson and Chrstine Yang will talk about Codecademy Docs, Hacktoberfest 2023, and why this is a great time to make your first contribution to an open project. The event will include a Git and GitHub walkthrough and how you can find open issues on Codecademy Docs. We will also have a Q&A session with the chat to answer all your questions!

  • Curriculum AMA: Everyone’s favorite series continues October 19th with another Ask-an-Instructor thread on the forums. Come with all your questions about how to jumpstart your career in tech, and our curriculum team will answer as many as they can.

  • Make the (Career) Switch: From Teaching To Developer Community Manager: Join us on October 23rd for a chat with PJ Metz, teacher-turned-developer-community-manager. He’ll discuss his learning journey, tips and tricks to stand out to potential employers, and answer your questions about switching careers.

  • A Practical Introduction to LLMs with Weilin Tu Ye, senior data scientist: Join us for a presentation by Senior Data Scientist @ Codecademy Weilin Tu Ye as he explains the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs), the new AI taking the world by storm! From the foundational blocks of AI like machine learning and deep learning to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), supervised finetuning (SFT), quantization and low rank adapters (LoRA).

:mega: Shout-outs:

We love to see what you create with the skills you’re learning here at Codecademy. User @bschnell9119 made this color-matching luck game, and color us impressed! Give it a whirl and chime in with your thoughts.

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:question: Community Poll:

If you could have a coding superpower, what would it be?

  • Super Speed: Code at the speed of light.
  • Pest Control: The ability to find and correct any bug instantly.
  • Instant Code Comprehension: The ability to immediately understand any codebase with a mere glance.
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