[Community Project] Gathering Non-Track Courses

Hey all,

I thought I would launch our very first Community Project.

Other than the “official” Codecademy Courses, there are hundreds of courses made by people like you and me for others to enjoy. These have been buried over time, so it’s time to find them again!

I have made an initial list of courses.

But there are hundreds more to find!

So if you want to help find more courses there are several places you can discover them:

Once you’ve discovered a new course add it on over to the spreadsheet.
Don’t forget to check if the course is already listed.

Hopefully we will re-discover all the courses, so we can all enjoy them again.

If you want to help out just post below that you’re going to start searching and we can all work together to discover them all. It would be great to see us all working as a community again.


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I’ve been searching for a course called “Test Driven Development” for ages, now. It seems to have dropped off the radar in the past couple of years.


Is it this one, Testing Your Code?


It could be. I was sure it was actually called TDD, but I did it so long ago it’s hard to say anymore. The only place I found test driven delvelopment (so far) is lesson 25. Summary. This is the same one Glenn pointed out a while back when the subject first resurfaced. Thanks, Alex.


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Count me in!

Just remember, I’ll work with recruiting.

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Sure, why not… :no_mouth:

NOTE: On July 5, 2018 Codecademy retired the content listed here, as equivalent skills are taught by Codecademy’s new content.