Community Lounge vs Corner Bar


Hey all,

So currently there are 4 main categories for posting whatever's on your mind:

  • Meta
  • Community Lounge
  • Corner Bar
  • Uncategorised

I'm trying to see where we can merge up categories to create a better forum.

Do you think we need all 4 of these categories or should we merge the categories together?
I think we will definitely delete uncategorised. But not sure about the other three:

  • Make Meta and Corner Bar sub-categories in Community Lounge
  • Keep Meta, merge the other two.
  • Leave all three separate


Comment below on why you voted the way you did, or if you have any strong reasons for keeping all three separate!

Looking forward to the discussion :slightly_smiling:


Backstory: We're trying to clean up all the categories on this site, which is why we have just deleted the Additional Courses category and created new language-specific categories.

Community Lounge vs Corner Bar


+1, would love to consolidate things!


The Lounge is supposed to be... lounge-y. #Corner-Bar is also lounge-y, so it makes sense to merge those. But #Meta has a completely different purpose, so I voted to keep that separate.


That is a system category so we can't remove it, we should be able to hide it though.


I voted leave all speparate because of almost the same reasons that Zeke gave, but I believe that

  • Codecademy Community Lounge is for stuff that's not related to a specific course/exercise on CC, but is still related to CC (e.g. bugs, accessiblity etc.).

  • Meta is all about Codecademy itself. Not about courses or exercises or problems. This is for information and questions about and

  • Corner bar is where people in the Codecademy community come to ask questions and start discussions about things that are not related to Codecademy or even coding. This is like an off-topic category.


I see the #Codecademy-Community-Lounge as a big party. At the party there will be many conversations. I think that moving #Meta and #Corner-Bar into the party seems reasonable. They will still exist as categories.


That's my thoughts. We have one big part category that isn't do to with the exercises themselves and then different subcategories people can go and mingle in if they want something specific.



I feel community lounge should stay
others can be made sub or hidden


Looks like we will make Meta and Corner Bar sub cats here then :slightly_smiling:
Thanks everyone who voted!



oh i was about to vote :frowning: Oh well, would i have changed results?


@amanuel2 No, not really. It would've taken a minimum of three more voters for the next highest option to change anything.


This aspect has been discussed and dealt with :slight_smile: