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If you’ve done some basic programming and want to get more practice, try these real world challenges used in job interviews. DIY first, then compare with how others did it.

Take these in order alongside your coding journey and watch out for the prerequisites!

About the Guides & Authors

Hi, I’m Galina! I’m a web developer from NYC. I attended a bootcamp which taught me the foundational skills I needed for software development. After graduating and continuing to teach myself programming concepts, I noticed there were still things I needed to know in order to be a successful programmer - things that books and courses did not teach me but experience eventually did. In the past few years, I’ve taught other beginner coders, including out of Codecademy, and found that they often trip up on those same things I have and/or ask the same questions. Often times, they may not even know the right questions to ask and which information that’s out there is important for them to know.

That’s why myself along with a few other people with similar backgrounds put together these guides. We want to help the next generation of coders, people like us of the past, in giving them a quick list of resources that can help guide them in their coding journey and figure out their path. A lot of these are from Codecademy, but we also gathered resources from elsewhere on the web, based on what’s most helpful. All of these resources are free - either 100% or can be finished in a free trial just like the one for Codecademy Pro.

Please contribute!

All of the guides we made are wikis so that any super user can edit them to include popular or pertinent suggestions. Contributing to the community is one of the best ways to cement your knowledge and further your career, because community contributions are absolutely integral to how the coding world works, so join in!


For anyone looking for coding resources for kids to use at home or in the classroom :slightly_smiling_face:

Just thought I’d share these in here, might help someone!

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Coding is the process of using programming languages to give instructions to a computer . These instructions power the websites, software, and applications people use every day.

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Please stop removing my posts about python there is nothing wrong with them i mean its just a fake login that i want to turn into a real one it doesn’t save data or anything so can you not remove it :neutral_face: