Community Chapter Events: Upcoming Events for the Week of May 24 - 30

Chapter Events for the week of May 24 - 30

Community chapters are groups of Codecademy learners that come together to study, host events and learn! These events are totally free and open to anyone in the community. All hosted online.

For a complete list of all upcoming events, please visit:


Interviews & Apps NY Chapter presents: Coffee and Brainstorm

18:00 GMT-0500

Join us for a quick brainstorm session for future tops of interest. Feel free to pop in and out, meet some other app enthusiasts, and network! It will be a self-work session where you can network with others, work on your own projects, and ask people questions about your current projects. Very informal, casual, networking session.

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London Chapter presents: Monday Study Session

20:00 GMT+0000

Every possible Monday for anyone who want to, to have an hour of study online with a group of people you can ask questions and share ideas with. You can turn your camera and mic off and study on your own, I can put you in a break out room to study with partners. This is a great opportunity to connect with others and stay accountable for your study.

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Seatlle Chapter presents: Review Session: Git - Beginner Level

17:30 GMT-0800

Brent will lead a review session on Git.

The corresponding course on Codecademy is Learn Git:

Join us to ask questions, meet fellow learners, and help each other! Link provided after registration.

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St. Louis Chapter presents: What Is A Coding Career? Episode 1 - Career Paths In Tech

18:00 GMT-0600

This will be the first episode in the series "What Is A Coding Career?", and the first meetup hosted by the St. Louis Codecademy Chapter! Join us to learn about the different career tracks available to someone looking for a job with their new coding skills. Loren Carvalho will be joining as a guest speaker to talk about his unique career journey to become a Software Engineer at LinkedIn!

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Hong Kong Chapter presents: Web Dev 101: Fundamentals of Web Apps - Part 2!

19:00 GMT+0800

Ever wonder how the website your viewing actually works? During this event, we will continue to review the "Fundamentals of Web Apps," an article published in the course "Full Stack open 2021", an open-source Full Stack Development course created by the University of Helsinki.

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Culiacán Chapter presents: How to Python: Primeros Pasos Parte 1

16:00 GMT-0700

Primeros pasos con el lenguaje Python y Google Colab.

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Barcelona Chapter presents: 1# Back to the basics: Creemos una página web con HTML, CSS y Firebase

18:00 GMT+0100

Es el primer evento del capítulo de Barcelona.

En esta sesión comenzaremos con lo básico de HTML y CSS.
Luego podrás tener un link de tu web generado en Firebase y podrás compartirlo con otras personas!
Esperamos que esta sesión te inspire a comenzar a realizar tus propias páginas web 👩‍💻

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Phoenix Crypto Chapter presents: Experimenting with DeFi DApps Using the Kovan Testnet

18:00 GMT-0800

Learn how to use the most popular DeFi DApps on Ethereum using testnets! With this technology, you can "play around" with fake crypto while still learning the nuts & bolts of DeFi. Get familiar with Aave, Oasis/Maker, Uniswap and more before using your real funds to lend and borrow. See you soon!

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Helsinki Chapter presents: First Steps with React - Effect Hook

18:00 GMT+0200

Let’s code together and learn the basics of React.
React is a front end JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components.
It is maintained by Facebook and a community of developers and companies.
(Extract from Wikipedia)

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São Paulo Chapter presents: Happy hour e bate papo sobre comunidade e carreira

19:30 GMT-0200

Oi gente, tudo bem?

Esse ano está passando super rápido né?

Nós já somos 83 membros!!!!
Acho que seria bem legal se a gente pudesse se conhecer e conversar sobre o futuro da comunidade...
Quero muito saber o que vocês estão estudando, em que fase estão da carreira e como nós enquanto comunidade podemos nos ajudar...

Quem vem?

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Liverpool Chapter presents: Celebration Time!

18:00 GMT+0000

Let's gather together to celebrate every little success that happened over the past month!
There is no achievement too small to be proud of and shared across this group!

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Vancouver Code Projects Chapter presents: Teach and Learn

18:00 GMT-0800

Everybody will have a chance to share what they've been learning lately with the group and get help with concepts where they've struggled.

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