Community Chapter Events: Upcoming Events for the Week of May 17 - 23

Chapter Events for the week of May 17-23

Community chapters are groups of Codecademy learners that come together to study, host events and learn! These events are totally free and open to anyone in the community. All hosted online.

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Fort Worth, TX Chapter presents: SQL I

19:00 GMT-0600

I will go over some of the course that Codecademy offers entitled Learn SQL. We will have monthly Virtual Events surrounding SQL for a few months.

Utilizing Microsoft Teams and at time of event you may download or Join Via the Web.

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London Chapter presents: Welcome Virtual Meet Up

20:00 GMT+0000

This is a will be a simple meet and greet opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the chapter, share with everyone what you're working on and most importantly find partners to to study with.

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Amsterdam Chapter presents: Study Hall

20:00 GMT+0100

Study Hall is a place to come together, help each other get unstuck, and work on our own projects.

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Jain University Chapter presents: Inaugural Session

18:00 GMT+0530

Welcome to Codecademy Jain University (JU) Chapter

This is our inauguration event of the chapter!

In this event, let us get to know each other, discuss the goals for our chapter, and have some fun!

This event will be non-technical and open to all.

Meet you all soon!

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Akron, OH Chapter presents: Live Study With Me Session

12:00 GMT-0500

I will be online for live study. This is a great time for peer-to-peer questions and general chat about coursework. There will be various sessions like this to fit all schedules so keep an eye out for further updates...

Think of this time as similar to joining a co-working space. We all will be working on our various different projects but are here to bounce ideas off of each other.

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Milton Keynes, UK Chapter presents: MK Chapter meeting #14: The API project

17:30 GMT+0000

Join us to find out what the chapter has been working on lately. This week we're going to be looking at the API project that has been set.

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Albuquerque Chapter presents: Albuquerque Chapter Meet and Greet

18:00 GMT-0700

This will be a meet and greet for the Albuquerque chapter. We will be going over topics of interest pertaining to coding/programming and projects you all would like to see in the near future. Please feel free to RSVP and drop in even if its just for a few minutes.

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Paris, France Chapter presents: Meetup du jeudi 20/05/2021

19:00 GMT+0100

Hello !

Les challenges de la semaine sont prĂȘts. Nouveau format pour y accĂ©der: une collection. En passant par le lien, vous faites le premier puis en faisant suivant vous passez au second, etc.

Cette fois j'ai préféré vraiment en proposer plein de 8kyu et 7kyu pour que vous puissiez en enchaßner plusieurs d'affilé.

A vos claviers !

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Sault Ste. Marie, Canada Chapter presents: First Meetup Event - SSM Chapter

13:30 GMT-0500

Come out to our first official Sault Ste. Marie meetup where members meet other learners in the community, share interests and goals, and what they hope to gain out of being a part of the Sault Ste. Marie Chapter!

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Port Harcourt City Chapter presents: GET DIRTY WITH PYTHON

10:00 GMT+0100

If you permit, we intend to get our hands dirty with the famous Python Programming Language.

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Seoul, South Korea Chapter presents: JavaScript Projects for Beginners | Community Showcase | 45 mins

18:00 GMT+0900

This is a short but sweet community-centered event, starting out with some live coding (vanilla JavaScript stopwatch) to code along with on your own computer, followed by attendees sharing their own projects.

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Kuala Lumpur Chapter presents: Intro to Kuala Lumpur chapter

17:00 GMT+0800

First virtual meetup in Kuala Lumpur chapter.

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Delhi Chapter presents: Introductory Event

18:00 GMT+0530

Come to the introductory event of Codecademy Delhi Chapter! In this event, we will be going over the future events of the Chapter, introduce ourselves and connect with each other.

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Nepal Chapter presents: Python Essential Workshop

18:15 GMT+0545

This "Python Essential Workshop" covers topics like Lists, Classes, Methods, Functions, Objects etc. with quizzes and a tailored coding assignment as well as a doubt clearance session.

This is a collaborative event with the Central India Chapter. Special thanks to Chapter Leader Anmol for making this happen.

Prerequisite: Install Jupyter Notebook

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