Community Chapter Events: Upcoming Events for the Week of May 10 - 16

Chapter Events for the week of May 10 - 16

Community chapters are groups of Codecademy learners that come together to study, host events and learn! These events are totally free and open to anyone in the community. All hosted online.

For a complete list of all upcoming events, please visit:


Central Pennsylvania Chapter presents: Comprehending List Comprehensions

20:00 GMT-0500

Confused about list comprehensions in Python? How do they work and when should you use them? Well then get together with us as we take a deep dive into list comprehensions and how they can benefit your code!

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Berlin Chapter presents: Humble Pi by Matt Parker book discussion

20:15 GMT+0100

The mise en bouche to our book club will be discussing Matt Parker's Humble Pi in great length and getting quizzed on all the errors in it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Coding For Immigrants (Stockholm) Chapter presents: Focus Session

20:00 GMT+0100

Come join CFI for 45 minutes of uninterrupted focus on any project you're currently working on! Then present what you're working on to receive help and/or feedback on it if you want!

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Troy, NY Chapter presents: Study Hall: Learn JavaScript - Functions, Part II

18:00 GMT-0500

Our co-learning group will discuss questions, challenges and insights from Codecademy's Learn JavaScript course.

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Phoenix Crypto Chapter presents: Breaking Down Ethereum 2.0 :dizzy:

18:00 GMT-0800

With the imminent launch of Ethereum 2.0, Phoenix Crypto wanted to do a breakdown of the major changes, technological developments and upgrades including sharding, rollups, the Beacon Chain, Proof-of-Stake and more. Join us to learn about the final frontier for the Ethereum blockchain!

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Charlotte Chapter presents: TekEvents Present… Live Coding Session Monthly Series - [Season 1: Ep. 1]

17:30 GMT-0500


TekKrew is proud to present our first Live Event Series where we build console application from scratch using Microsoft Programming language C#!

Always Live, Always Free!

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Vancouver - Code Projects Chapter presents: Vancouver Code Projects Inaugural Meeting

18:00 GMT-0800

Our first meeting will be an informal *virtual* meet-and-greet where everybody will get a chance to know other members, learn about common interests and start brainstorming for some awesome projects to work on.

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Tbilisi ML/AI Chapter presents: Data Science Path | An Introduction To Numpy And Pandas

19:00 GMT+0400

A brief introduction to Numpy And Pandas, the most famous python libraries that are used in Data Science.

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Would any chapter be interested to hear me give a presentation about Data Science? It’s a broad overview discussion. There’s no Codecademy Chapter where I live.

The Presentation summary at the end is:

  • Unstructured and Structured Data. All Data are Spreadsheets.
  • There are lots of different software tools for working with data.
  • When you receive data, first inspect and fix the condition.
  • Explore data and make reports using visualizations.
  • Look for patterns and associations. Compare different groups, and investigate relationships.
  • Machine Learning involves running experiments. You select, evaluate, and refine different models.
  • To be a manager these days you are now required to know how to work with and understand data because of the focus on data-driven decision making.
  • The Data Science and Business Intelligence Process starts with a question and ends with a decision. You must ask the right question and use the findings to make intelligent decisions.
  • AI is used in all domains now. Case studies shown in the talk were: Psychometrics, Sports Analytics, Stock Market Prediction, Qualifying for a Loan, and Education.

1.5 hrs to 2 hours long.

You can look at the slides to see if you want to invite me.