Community Chapter Events: Upcoming Events for the Week of June 7 - 13

Chapter Events for the week of June 7 - 13

Community chapters are groups of Codecademy learners that come together to study, host events and learn! These events are totally free and open to anyone in the community. All hosted online.

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Hong Kong Chapter presents: Study Session

19:00 GMT+0800

Chill with friends and study together - two 25 min Pomodoro Cycles with a recap from Community Members on what they learned!

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Student Developers Chapter presents: Hey Alexa! Let’s build a skill

18:00 GMT+0530

Beginner-friendly workshop for building Alexa Skills

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University of Notre Dame Chapter presents: Summer Study Series: Week 1/10

11:00 GMT-0500

Study sessions with the University of Notre Dame chapter return for the summer! The idea of the study sessions is to set yourself a goal and tackle it in a social and supportive environment that also encourages accountability. We'll chat at the beginning, study independently for 40-45 minutes, and finish up by recapping the session.

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Berlin Chapter presents: book club get-together #1

20:15 GMT+0100

We'll be talking about all the stuff we've read lately and decide on a book for July.

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Rio de Janeiro Chapter presents: Study Session

18:00 GMT-0200

Opa gente, cheguem mais, vamos discutir ideias, trocar informações e dar uma estudada juntos :)

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NYC Chapter presents: Focus Session: 45 min study group

13:00 GMT-5000

Let's keep ourselves accountable! This 45-minute session is structured, uninterrupted focus-time, so you can maximize study time to reach your coding goals. Hosted weekly.

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Phoenix Crypto Chapter presents: Learn Solidity through Crypto Zombies with Phoenix Crypto!

17:30 GMT-0800

Time to get technical! In this "Coffee and Code" type session, we'll be exploring the Crypto Zombies online game, which is an interactive way to learn Solidity (the language of Smart Contracts on Ethereum). Turn into the undead while programming everlasting contracts - hope to see you there!

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Vancouver Code Projects Chapter presents: “Getting” GitHub (Part 2) & Teach and Learn

18:00 GMT-0800

This is an opportunity to learn how to use some of GitHub's more advanced features (building on the presentation given at the May 28 event). Participants will also have a chance to share what they've been working on over the past couple of weeks and get help with concepts they've struggled with.

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Sault Ste. Marie Chapter presents: Week #2 - Portfolio Website Building #Week2codingssm

12:00 GMT-0500

Building a responsive Portfolio Website that is easy to navigate, thus we will use the following languages and libraries: HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and Bootstrap. We might use some JavaScript and React to get you started. #Week2codingssm

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