Community Chapter Events: Upcoming Events for the Week of July 19 - 25

Chapter Events for the week of July 19 - 25

Community chapters are groups of Codecademy learners that come together to study, host events and learn! These events are totally free and open to anyone in the community. All hosted online.

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FT Worth - TX Chapter presents: Build A Website Skills Path

19:00 GMT-0600

I will go over the Build a Website Skills Path that Codecademy offers and share my journey on coding my website for my DBA.

Introductions and Networking.

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University of Notre Dame Chapter presents: Summer Study Series: Week 7/10

11:00 GMT-0500

Meet your coding goals this summer!

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Phoenix Crypto Chapter presents: Q&A with David Ticzon, Crypto Investor at Reciprocal Ventures

12:00 GMT-0800

Join our conversation with David Ticzon, Crypto Investor at Reciprocal Ventures. Reciprocal is an early-stage venture capital firm that specializes at the intersection of Cryptocurrency and FinTech. Reciprocal has invested in top projects like Ethereum, Solana, The Graph, Blockdaemon, and NuCypher. Learn about the blockchain VC world and come prepared with questions!

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Detroit Chapter presents: Study Session

12:30 GMT-0500

Informal study session for accountability. Log in, introduce yourself and what you're working on in the chat, and spend 30 minutes working on your programming skills.

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University of Mumbai Chapter presents: Build a Weather App using Node, EJS & Express JS

16:00 GMT+0530

This week we will be building a beautiful Weather App using Node, EJS & Express JS! 🌤💻

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Coding for Immigrants Chapter presents: Transitioning to Tech Tales w/ Guillermo Velasquez (Klarna)

20:00 GMT+0100

Join CFI for a conversation with Guillermo Velasquez (Senior Software Engineer at Klarna) as we discuss how he has made multiple transitions into different tech roles as an immigrant in the Dominican Republic then Sweden.

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Dhaka Tech Tips Chapter presents: Coding a Discord Bot - Part 2

11:45 GMT+0600

Coding a Discord bot is a Crash course on building a server bot for popular chat platform Discord. It focuses on building a text based discord bot that answers to certain commands

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Tbilisi - ML/AI Chapter presents: Object Oriented Programming With Python Part 2

19:00 GMT+0400

OOP is definitely one of those concepts you can't wrap your head around at first.

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Rangpur Chapter presents: Let’s build HTML project Wine Festival Schedule

16:00 GMT+0600

In this event, we will talk about the HTML table. We will learn the basics of the HTML table. Then we will together build a simple HTML table which is called Wine Festival Schedule.

Join our virtual meetup and build the project together.

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Hampton Roads Chapter presents: How To: Managing Your Game Development Project

18:00 GMT-0500

We'll be discussing how indie developers can stay on-top of their projects by comparing the modern game design document approach to agile software development methodology. All skill levels welcome!

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Seoul Chapter presents: SQL Murder Mystery | Code Along | 50 mins

12:00 GMT+0900

This SQL murder mystery meetup riffs off the good old whodunnit tradition of true crime and mystery stories. Join us for a bit of SQL fun!

*** This meetup takes place at 1200 PM noon Korean time - ignore the bit that says AM on the agenda! Currently investigating this bug. ***

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Kuala Lumpur Chapter presents: Intro to React

17:30 GMT+0800

Intro to React

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Sault Ste. Marie Chapter presents: Building 3D Animations on Websites and Applications using WebGL (three.js libraries)

12:00 GMT-0500

The goal of this event is to get you started on cool 3D animation graphics on your website using WebGL with three.js libraries. We will help you learn everything from setting up the three.js environment to complex 2D and 3D interactions that will amaze your website visitors. WebGL is a the future of web development. Even Google IO '21 event, focussed a lot on the WebGL based Applications.

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Dubai Chapter presents: PICUP Debrief

12:00 GMT+0400

This event will be a presented reflection on the "Integrating Computation into Your Introductory Physics Course" provided by the PICUP community on July 20th - 22nd (Link here:

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Central Pennsylvania - Business Analysts Chapter presents: How and Why to Use Scatterplots

19:30 GMT-0500

Join us as we discuss how scatterplots can aid our data visualization techniques and help us better understand business intelligence questions.

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