Community Chapter Events: Upcoming Events for the Week of April 19-25

Chapter Events for the week of April 19-25

Community chapters are groups of Codecademy learners that come together to study, host events and learn! These events are totally free and open to anyone in the community. All hosted online.

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Hong Kong Chapter presents: Web Dev 101: Fundamentals of Web Apps

19:00 GMT+0800

Ever wonder how the website your viewing actually works? During this event, we will review the "Fundamentals of Web Apps," an article published in the course "Full Stack open 2021", an open-source Full Stack Development course created by the University of Helsinki.

This is Hong Kong's first event, which means plenty of time for making friends and planning future events :)

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Tbilisi ML/AI Chapter presents: Data Science Path | Python Essentials 2

18:00 GMT+0400

Weekly meetings to complete the data science path

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Paris Chapter presents: Meetup du Jeudi 22/04/2021

18:30 GMT+0100


Des challenges en veux tu en voilà pour Jeudi et pour tous les niveaux !
à Jeudi :)

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Sao Paulo Chapter presents: Git 101 - Git Teamwork Apps

19:30 GMT-0300

Oi gente, tudo bem?
Esse será nosso último evento sobre o Git.
Nesse evento falaremos sobre colaboração em projetos, pulling e pushin

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NYC Chapter presents: Revisiting Where to Find Public Data Sets and a Brief Introduction to Google Colab

15:00 GMT-0500

One frequent query on the CC Forums from data people is, 'Where can I find data for projects?'
Well in this iteration of our meetup, we will revisit this topic that we discussed a couple months ago.

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Phoenix Crypto Chapter presents: Phoenix Crypto Happy Hour in Decentraland ft. DCL Tour Guide

19:00 GMT-0800

Phoenix Crypto is hosting a happy hour in Decentraland, a blockchain enabled virtual reality! We'll also get an exclusive tour from Jessica, @dcltourguide on Twitter and YouTube. Come for a chill hangout and chat about all things crypto - and be sure to join our Discord for live event updates!

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Edinburgh Chapter presents: Portfolio Spotlight

21:00 GMT+0000

Have you created your portfolio yet? Whether it's something you've been meaning to get around to creating, or something you created a long time ago, join us for a spotlight on portfolios. We'll be sharing tips and advice to help attendees get the most out of their portfolio, and there will be an opportunity to review attendees portfolios.

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Salt Lake City Chapter presents: Salt Lake City Codecademy Chapter MeetUp 04/25

18:00 GMT-0700

Our Intro Meetup! Let's introduce ourselves and get to work! Work on ensuring that each one of us can be successful and growing in coding. Salt Lake has the potential to rival any Chapter of Codecademy! I look forward to meeting all of you,


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Cordoba (Argentina) Chapter presents: Python 3 for beginners

18:00 GMT-0300

Durante 1 hora desarrollaremos en vivo los primeros proyectos del curso "Python 3" en Codecademy.
During 1 hour we will develop on live the first projects at the "Python 3" course in Codecademy.

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